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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2021

Amna T., Alghamdi A., Khan R., Hassan M.Sh., Khil M.­S.Study on effects of Ag­SiO2 core shell nanoparticles on biocompatibility appraisal of myoblasts[2]81-82
Balatsky V.N., Oliinychenko Y.K., Buslyk T.V., Bankovska I.B., Korinnyi S.N., Saienko A.M., Pochernyaev K.F.Associations of QTL region genes of chromosome 2 with meat quality traits and productivity of ukrainian large white pig breed[1]62-74
Bilal M., Tabassum B., Ali Q., Nasir I.A.Down regulation of Potato Virus Y (PVY) Coat Protein (CP) expression by Iberis gibraltarica protein extract[1]93-95
Bilonozhko Yu.O., Rabokon A.M., Postovoitova A.S., Kalafat L.O., Privalikhin S.N., Demkovych A.E., Blume Ya.B., Pirko Ya.V.Intraspecific differentiation of white mistletoe (Viscum album L.) using intron length polymorphism of β-tubulin genes and SSR-analysis[1] 3-12
Bublyk O., Parnikoza I., Kunakh V.Level of polymorphism and population differentiation of Iris pumila L. according to three types of PCR-markers[1]42-54
Dagmura H., Yigit S., Gumusay O., Nursal A.F., Daldal E., Karakus N.eNOS and VEGF variants might increase the risk of pancreatic cancer[2]72-74
Daskalova N., Doneva S., Spetsov P.Genetic Variability in Winter Rye (Secale cereale L.) Accessions at Early Stage of Self-pollination Manifested through Fertility, Plant height and Secalins[1]98-100
Fedota O.M., Roshcheniuk L.V., Sadovnychenko I.O., Gontar J.V., Merenkova I.M., Vorontsov V.M., Ryzhko P.P.Genetic study of X-linked recessive ichthyosis in eastern Ukraine[1]55-61
Finiuk N.S., Popovych M.V., Shalai Ya.R., Mandzynets S.M., Grenyukh V.P., Ostapiuk Yu.V., Obushak M.D., Mitina N.E., Zaichenko O.S., Stoika R.S., Babsky A.M.Antineoplastic activity in vitro of 2-amino-5-benzylthiazole derivative in complex with nanoscale polymeric carriers[1]23-32
Gok I., Cetinkunar S.Pattern of RAD51­G135C polymorphism among eastern mediterranean Turkish population and association with breast cancer[2]70-71
Gurianov D.S., Antonenko S.V., Telegeev G.D.Colocalization of BCR protein with clathrin, actin, and cortactin suggests its possible role in the regulation of actin branching and clathrin-mediated endocytosis[2]56-67
Ishchenko O.O., Bednarska I.O., Panchuk ².².Application of 5S ribosomal DNA for molecular taxonomy of subtribe Loliinae (Poaceae)[1]13-22
Kamalipooya S., Sabet A., Jouni F.J.Effect of Co­treatment with static magnetic field and Cis­diamminedichloroplatinum (II) on apoptosis and cell cycle progression in HeLa cell line and Hu02[2]68-69
Kokorev A.I., Kolupaev Yu.E., Yastreb T.O., Horielova E.I., Dmitriev A.P.Realization of polyamines’ effect on state of pea stomata with involvement of calcium and components of lipid signaling[2]15-23
Kravets E.A., Plohovskaya S.G., Horyunova I.I., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Sources of chromosomal polymorphism of microsporocytes in species of Lilium L.òà Allium L: cytomixis, extra chromosomes, chromatin diminuation[2] 3-14
Liang R., Caraballo­Ortiz M.A., Liu Y., Su X.Ñharacterization of the complete chloroplast genome of Meconopsis puniceA (Papaveraceae), an endemic species from the Qinghai­Tibet plateau in China[2]75-76
Neeru Kamboj, Bhatnagar A., Yadav A.S.A study of constitutive heterochromatin and NOR banding in three species of Puntius from the State of Haryana, India[1]96-97
Nestrerenko E.O., Krasnoperova O.E., Isayenkov S.V.Otassium transport systems and their role in stress response, plant growth and development[1]75-92
Ozsoy F., YIgIt S., Nursal A.F., Kulu M., Karakus N.The impact of PER3 VNTR polymorphism on the development of schizophrenia in a Turkish population[2]77-78
Petrushko M.P., Buderatska N.O., Gontar J.V., Yurchuk T.O.Morphological and molecular cytogenetic characteristics of giant human oocytes[2]32-39
Polishchuk L.V., Lukyanchuk V.V.General trends in organization and localization of crt-clusters in streptomycetes genomes[2]40-47
Radchenko M.M., Tigunova Î.Î., Zelena L.B., Beiko N.Ye., Andriiash H.S., Shulga S.M.Phylogenetic analysis of the strain Bacillus subtilis IFBG MK-2 and production of riboflavin by its induced clones[2]48-55
Reis G.B., Mesquita A.T., Andrade­vieira L.F., Azevedo A.L.S., Davide L.C.Somatic cell alterations in interspecific hybrids of Cenchrus purpureum (Schumach.) and Cenchrus americanus (L.) Morrone by genomic in situ hybridization[2]79-80
Tistechok S.I., Tymchuk I.V., Korniychuk O.P., Fedorenko V.O., Luzhetskyy A.M., Gromyko O.M.Genetic identification and antimicrobial activity of Streptomyces sp. strain Je 1–6, isolated from rhizosphere soil of Juniperus excelsa Bieb.[1]33-41
Zemskova O.V., Kurinnyi D.A., Rushkovsky S.R., Demchenko O.M., Romanenko M.G, Glavatsky O.Ya, Klymenko S.V.Òhe development of tumor-induced bystander effect and radiosensitivity of glioblastoma patients' peripheral blood lymphocytes with with different status of the MGMT gene in tumor cells[2]24-31

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