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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2023

Alper M.TGF-β1 transactivates ADAMTS-2 (ADAM Metallopeptidase With Thrombospondin Type 1 Motif 2) in Saos-2 Cells through canonical and non-canonical pathways[3]57-59
Avramets D.S., Macewicz L.L., Piven O.O.Signaling regulation of the humans MSC osteogenic differentiation. Metanalysis and bioinformatic analysis of micrornas impact[1]103-105
Badawy Y.E., Saeed H.M. S., Embaby A.M., Mohamed A.F., Rashad R., M.K., Eldeeb M.K.Cystathionine β synthase (CBS 844ins68) and cytosolic serine hydroxy-methyltransferase (SHMT1) (C1420T) gene polymorphisms and the risk of breast cancer in Egyptian population[1] 93-96
Chembrammal R., Thoppil J.E.B-chromosomes in a mixoploid karyotype of Strobilanthes virendrakumarana[2]54-55
Chen X., Lv Q., Liu Y.A comprehensive genome-wide analysis of lncrna expression profile during hepatic carcinoma cell proliferation promoted by phospholipase Cγ2[2]62-64
Chourasia K.N., Patil V.U., Vanishree G., Vinay K.R., Thribhuvan R., Meena J.K., Bairwa R.K., Bhardwaj V.Morphological and molecular characterization of Indian potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars[3]48-50
Garmanchuk L., Borova M., Kapush O., Dzhagan V., Valakh M., Blume Y., Yemets A.Green synthesis of CdTe quantum dots and their effect on human and animal cells[3]28-39
Huet ., Borodin S., Dvorshchenko ., Grebinyk D., Savchuk ., Ostapchenko L.OLR1, ACAN and LRP1 genes expression in synovium of patients with osteoarthritis after SARS-CoV2 infection[3]19-27
Huet ., Tugarov Yu., Dvorshchenko ., Grebinyk D., Savchuk ., Korotkyi O., Ostapchenko L.TGFB1, FOXO1 and COMP genes expression in blood of patients with osteoarthritis after SARS-CoV2 infection[2]15-21
Javadi H., Shanjani P.S.Karyotype Analysis and Systematic Relationship in the Iranian Astragalus L. (Fabaceae)[2]56-57
Jouni F.J., Zafari J., Abbasifard M., Jafarisani M., Bagheri-Hosseinabadi Z.Synergistic effects of taurine and cisplatin on lung cancer cells (A549)[2]65-66
Kolupaev Yu.E., Taraban D.A., Karpets Yu.V., Makaova B.E., Ryabchun N.I., Dyachenko A.I., Dmitriev O.P.Induction by melatonin of cell protective reactions of Triticum aestivum and Secale cereale to high temperatures action[2] 3-14
Kolupaev Yu.E., Yastreb T.O., Ryabchun N.I., Yemets .I., Dmitriev A.P., Blume Ya.B.Cellular mechanisms for the formation of plant adaptive responses to high temperatures[1] 68-92
Limanskaya O.Yu., Limanskii A.P.Intramolecular interactions for fluorophore quencher in linear and hairpin probes for real-time PCR[2]22-32
Liu J., Zhang Y.-F., Ren Z.-M.Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome of the Rhus gall aphid Schlechtendalia peitan (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Eriosomatinae) in China[3]54
Liu W., Qiu K., Huang Y., Li Y., Zhang S.Molecular organization of the chloroplast genome and taxonomic position of Stellaria dichotoma var. lanceolate[2]58-61
Maistrenko O.M., Serga S.V., Kovalenko P.A., Kozeretska I.A.Bacteria associated with the antarctic endemic insect Belgica Antarctica Jacobs (Diptera: Chironomidae)[3] 3-9
Makukh H., Boyarchuk O., Kravets V., Yarema N., Shymanska I., Kinash M., Tyrkus M., Shulhai O.TRECS and KRECS measurement for screening of inborn errors of immunity[1] 17-25
Maurya R.L., Kumar M., Sirohi U., Priya, Chaudhary V., Sharma V.R., Yadav D., Yadav M.K.Effect of silver nitrate and thidiazuron on shoot proliferation, hyperhydricity and assessment of genetic fidelity of microplants in carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)[1] 97-99
Medvediev V.V., Oleksenko N.P., Pichkur L.D., Verbovska S.A., Savosko S.I., Draguntsova N.G., Lontkovskiy Yu.A., Vaslovych V.V., Tsymbalyuk V.I.Influence of fibrin matrix implantation associated with mesenchymal whartons jelly stromal cells on the course of experimental spinal cord injury[1] 26-43
Mezhzherin S.V., Tereshchenko V.O.Genetic divergence and evolutionary transition/transversion rate bias in control region of mitochondrial DNA of palearctic mice (Murinae)[3]10-18
Morozov-Leonov S.Yu.Reproduction and the evolutionary potential of the hybrid form Pelophylax esculentus-ridibundus (amphibia, ranidae) within the drainages of Pripyat, Dnister and Southern Boug rivers[1] 55-67
Ovcharenko O., Rudas V.Modern approaches to genetic engineering in the Orchidaceae family[2]33-53
Rajendran K.R., Chermakani P., Anjanamurthy R., Rencilin C.F., Sundaresan P.Association of ABCA4 gene variants in patients with autosomal recessive Cone-Rod dystrophy and Retinitis Pigmentosa cohorts from south India[3]51-53
Rasgele P.G.Assessment of geno and cytotoxic effects of propineb using onion apical root meristem[1]100-102
Rybalka O.I., Morhun V.V., Morgun B.V., Polyshchuk S.S., Chervonis M.V., Sokolov V.M.New genetic variation related to wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) breeding for quality[1] 3-16
Satarova T.M., Denysiuk K.V., Cherchel V.Yu., Dziubetskyi B.V.Distribution of alleles of β-carotene hydroxylase 1 gene in modern genotypes of Zea mays L.[1] 44-54
Tigunova O.O., Bratishko V.V., Shulga S.M.The effect of adaptive stress factors on the functioning of Clostridium sp. cells producers of biobutanol[3]40-47
Yahya D., Miteva V., Micheva I., Ruseva T., Angelova L.Cytogenetic analysis of patients with hematological malignancies[3]55-56

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