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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2008

Andreyeva S.V., Drozdova V.D., Ponochevna E.V., Êàvàrdakova N.V.Rearrangements of chromosoma 9 in different hematological neoplasia[5]72-79
Andrievsky A.M.Genotypical peculiarities of the β-specific hydrolase allozymeS expression of the carboxylic ethers in Drosophila melanogaster of the wild type[6]34-42
Belinskaya E.V.Inheritance of capability to androgenesis in vitro in spring barley[4]27-37
Boboev K.T.Population and molecular genetic aspects of hemophilia A and b in Uzbekistan[2]51-54
Bublyk E.N., Adonin V.I., Kunakh V.A.Cytogenetic variation of Ungernia victoris cell lines during cultivation on nutrient media of different composition[1]29-36
Buloichik A.A., Borzyak V.S., Voluevich E.A.he effects of alien chromosomes on common wheat resistance to biotrophic fungal pathogens[1]13-20
Chelomina G.N., Rozhkovan K.V., Ivanov S.A.Discrimination of interspecific hybrids in natural populations of Amur sturgeon fishes using multilocus RAPD-PCR markers[5]61-71
Demyanchuk N.P., Oblap R.V., Novak N.B., Melnichuk M.D.Molecular-biological studies of Trichogramma Westw[4]58-62
Dmytruk O.V., Dmytruk K.V., Voronovsky A.Y., Sibirny A.A.Metabolic engineering of the initial stages of xylose catabolism in yeasts for construction of efficient producers of ethanol from lignocelluloses[2]70-84
Don J. DurzanMonozygotic cleavage polyembryogenesis and conifer tree improvement[3]27-44
Dyomina E.A., Ryabchenko N.M., Barylyak I.R.Study of the effect of reparation processes on formation of human individual radiosensitivity at the chromosome level[2]42-46
Emelyanov V.I., Kravchuk Zh.N., Polyakovsky S.A., Dmitriev A.P.Callose accumulation under treatment of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) cells with biotic elicitors[2]21-28
George Fedak, Nam-Soo KimTools and methodologies for cytogenetic studies of plant chromosomes[3]64-80
Gulevsky A.K., Trifonova A.V., Lavrik A.A.The effects of Actîvegin on cell proliferation OF PERMANENT lines[1]53-57
Holub N.Ya., Chernyk Ya.I.Mutations induced by X-rays and some chemical reagents changing Drosophila melanogaster life span[1]37-44
Iourov I.Y., Vorsanova S.G., Yurov Y.B.Fluorescence intensity profiles of in situ hybridization signals depict genome architecture within human interphase nuclei[5] 3-8
Kordyum E.L.Double fertilization in flowering plants: 1898–2008[3]12-26
Kordyum E.L., Martyn G.I., Ovcharenko Yu.V.The growth and differentiation of root cap columella cells and the proper root grown in the stationary conditions and under clinorotation[1] 3-12
Korshikov I.I., Demkovich A.E.Genotypic peculiarities of resistant to root fungus scotch pine plants in artificial stands of the Ukrainian steppe-zone[5]41-46
Korshikov I.I., Privalikhin S.N., Makogon I.V., Lisnichuk A.N.Peculiarities of population-genetic structure of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) from Ukrainian Carpathians and Poles’ye[6]19-25
Korzh V.P.Sergey Gavrilovich Navashin: two jubilees[3] 3-11
Kovaleva O.A.Cytogenetic abnormalities in mammalian somatic cells[1]58-72
Kovalyova V.A., Gout R.T.Molecular cloning and characterization of Scotch pine defensin 2[6]55-60
Kozeretska I.A., Protsenko A.V., Afanasieva K.S., Rushkovskyy S.R., Chuba A.I., Mousseau T.A. Moller A.P.Mutation processes in the natural populations of Drosophila and Hirundo rustica from Ukrainian radiation contaminated territories[4]63-68
Kravchenko N.A., Yarmish N.V.Regulation of endothelial NO-synthase expression and dysfunction of vessel endothelium at cardiovascular pathology[4]69-80
Kravets E.A., Grodzinsky D.M., Gushcha N.I.The influence of UV-B radiation on reproductive function of Hordeum vulgare L. plants[5] 9-15
Kravetz E.A., Khvedynich O.A.Polyspermism and antipodal fertilization in Lilium (Tourn.) L. species[3]45-50
Kunakh V.A., Adonin V.I., Ozheredov S.P., Blume Ya.B.Mixoploidy in wild and cultivated Cruciferae species able to hybridize with Brassica napus[3]81-86
Kuzemenskyi À.V.Effects of intergenic interaction of the high pigmentation HP-2dg (high pigment-2 dark green) with the gene  (Beta-carotene) in tomato[5]32-40
Lazarenko L.M., Bezrukov V.F.The dynamics of chromosomal nstability of welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.): the influence of seed storage temperature[5]54-60
Livshyts G.B., Kravchenko S.A., Tatarskyy P.F., Sudoma I.A., Livshits L.A.Molecular-genetics analyzes of natural and stimulated ovulation impairment[2]63-69
Lozynska M.R.The spectrum of cytogenetic chages in polyps of large bowel with different histologic structure[6]43-49
Matveeva N.A., Shakhovsky A.M., Kuchuk N.V.Construction of somatic hybrids among transgenic Solanum tuberosum and transplastomic Solanum rickii[4]38-44
Mezhzherin S.V., Vlasenko R.P., Garbar A.V.Genetic structure and peculiarities of earthworms Aporrectodea (superspecies) caliginosa (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) complex on the territory of Ukraine[4]50-57
Mokanu N.V., Fayt V.I.The differences of the effects of Vrd1 and Ppd-D1 gene alleles on winterhardiness, frost resistance, and yield in winter wheat[6]26-33
Myryuta A.Yu., Pererva T.P.Biological activity of Ungernia victoris extract in the Escherichia coli CaCl2-transformation system in the presence of calcium channel modulators[4]45-49
Naumova T.N.Apomixis and amphimixis in flowering plants: the structural aspects[3]51-63
Pandey R.M.Cytotoxic effects of pesticide in somatic cells of Vicia faba L.[6]13-18
Pavlova M.V., Gilchuk P.V., Pokholenko Ya.O., Nikolayev Yu.S., Kordium V.A.Construction and characterization of immune cDNA combinatorial antibody library of mouse variable immunoglobuline genes[2]10-15
Pavlova M.V., Nikolayev U.S, Irodov D.M., Okunev O.V., Kordium V.A., Gilchuk P.V.Characterization of a panel of mouse single-chain antibodies against recombinant human interferon β1b<[4] 3-11
Pererva T.P., Miryuta A.Yu., Miryuta N.Yu.Interaction of RNA-containing bacteriophages with the host cells: MS2-induced E.coli mutants and formation of DNA-containing derivatives of MS2 bacteriophage[1]73-90
Pidpala O.V., Yatsishina A.P., Lukash L.L.Human mobile genetic elements: structure, distribution and functional role[6]69-81
Polyakovsky S.A., Kravchuk Zh.N., Dmitriev A.P.The mechanisms of action of plant resistance inductors by the example of Allium cepa[6] 8-12
Popova A.F., Ivanenko G.F., Ustinova A.Yu., Zaslavsky V.A.Localization of callose in microspores and pollen grains of Sium latifolium plants under different water regimes[6] 3-7
Rassi H., Houshmand M., Hashemi M., Majidzadeh K., Hosseini Akbari M.H., Shafa Shariat Panahi M.Application of multiplex PCR with histopathologic features for detection of familial breast cancer in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded histologic specimens[2]55-62
Rybalka O.I.The alien germplasm for amelioration of wheat grain quality characteristics[4]18-26
Sadikova Sh.E., Karimov Kh.Ya., Muminov Sh.M., Tulakov R.P., Boboev K.T.Mutation frequencies of the «thrombophilic state» genes in Uzbekistan[6]50-54
Sakhno L.A., Gocheva E.A., Komarnitsky I.K., Kuchuk N.V.Stable expression of promoterless bar gene in transgenic rape plants[1]21-28
Sarangi B.K., Chakrabarti T.Characterizations of an ecotype of brake-fern, Pteris vittata, for arsenic tolerance and accumulation in plant biomass[5]16-31
Shakhbazau A.V., Yakovleva G.A., Rodkina I.A., Kartel N.A.Pleiotropic effects of chitinase gene from Serratia plymuthica> in transgenic potato[2] 3-9
Sharypina Ya.Yu., Popov V.N., Kirichenko V.V.Study of inheritance of morphological traits in sunflower. 1. Genetic control of sunflower flowers, branchiness and restoration of pollen fertility[5]47-53
Shtandel S.A., Tikhonova T.M.Study of the peculiarities of inheritance of latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)[5]80-83
Simchuk A.P.Influence of genetic variation of oaks as forage substrate on the fitness components of Tortrix viridana L.[1]45-52
Sindarovska Y.R., Sheludko Y.V., Gerasymenko I.M., Bannikova M.A., Kuchuk N.V.Purification of recombinant GFP produced by Agrobacterum-mediated transient expression in Nicotiana excelsior[2]16-20
Spiridonova E.V., Adnof D.M., Andreev I.O., Kunakh V.A.Dynamics of genome changes in Rauwolfia serpentina callus cells upon the switch to conditions of submerged cultivation[2]35-41
Tirkus M.Ya, Makukh G.V., Zastavna D.V., Guleyuk N.L., Nakonechny A.Y., Stoyka B.R.Y-chromosome microdeletions as a prognostic marker of male infertility[2]46-50
Tselevych M.V.Ultrastructure characteristics of the loach embryos under the effect of norfloxacin[2]29-34
Twardovska M.O., Strashniuk N.M., Mel’nyk V.M., Adonin V.I., Kunakh V.A.Chromosome variability in the tissue culture of rare Gentiana species[4]12-17
Yemets A.I., Radchuk V.V., Pakhomov A.V., Blume Ya.B.Biolictic transformation of soybean by new selective marker gene conferring resistance to dinitroanilines[6]61-68

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