TSitologiya i Genetika, 2008, no. 6

Popova A.F., Ivanenko G.F., Ustinova A.Yu., Zaslavsky V.A.
Localization of callose in microspores and pollen grains of Sium latifolium plants under different water regimes
Polyakovsky S.A., Kravchuk Zh.N., Dmitriev A.P.
The mechanisms of action of plant resistance inductors by the example of Allium cepa
Pandey R.M.
Cytotoxic effects of pesticide in somatic cells of Vicia faba L.
Korshikov I.I., Privalikhin S.N., Makogon I.V., Lisnichuk A.N.
Peculiarities of population-genetic structure of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) from Ukrainian Carpathians and Poles’ye
Mokanu N.V., Fayt V.I.
The differences of the effects of Vrd1 and Ppd-D1 gene alleles on winterhardiness, frost resistance, and yield in winter wheat
Andrievsky A.M.
Genotypical peculiarities of the β-specific hydrolase allozymeS expression of the carboxylic ethers in Drosophila melanogaster of the wild type
Lozynska M.R.
The spectrum of cytogenetic chages in polyps of large bowel with different histologic structure
Sadikova Sh.E., Karimov Kh.Ya., Muminov Sh.M., Tulakov R.P., Boboev K.T.
Mutation frequencies of the «thrombophilic state» genes in Uzbekistan
Kovalyova V.A., Gout R.T.
Molecular cloning and characterization of Scotch pine defensin 2
Yemets A.I., Radchuk V.V., Pakhomov A.V., Blume Ya.B.
Biolictic transformation of soybean by new selective marker gene conferring resistance to dinitroanilines
Pidpala O.V., Yatsishina A.P., Lukash L.L.
Human mobile genetic elements: structure, distribution and functional role