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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2014, v 48, Issue 5

Radchuk V., Pirko Ya.V., Isayenkov S.V., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Creation of cDNA library from meristem of finger millet panicle 3-10
Sakhno L.O., Slyvets M.S., Kuchuk N.V.cyp11A1 canola plants under short time heat stress conditions11-17
Perepelytsina O., Gergeliuk T., Sydorenko M.Effect of T­lymphocytes and interferon­gamma on the stages of multicellular tumor spheroids formation in vitro18-25
Mazinani Z., Asgharzadeh A.Genetic diversity of Azotobacter strains isolated from soils by amplified ribosomal dna restriction analysis26-35
Lioshina L., Bulko O.Plants regeneration from hairy roots cultures of periwinkle Vinca minor L. and foxglove purple Digitalis purpurea L.36-42
Shpylchyn V.V., Antonyuk M.Z., Ternovska T.K.Genetic analysis of artificial Triticinae amphidiploid Aurotica based on the glaucousness trait43-53
Syrovnev G.I.The genetic polymorphism of FUT1 and MUC4 loci in local population of ukrainian meat breed pigs54-59
Mihailov N.V., Usatov A.V., Getmantseva L.V., Bakoev S.U.Associations of PRLR/AluI gene polymorphism with reproductive, growth and meat traits in pigs60-64
Ceker S., Agar G., Alpsoy L., Nardemir G., Kizil H.E.Antagonistic effects of Satureja hor­tensis essential oil against AFB1 on human lym­phocytes in vitro65-71
Piven O.O., Palchevska O.L., Lukash L.L.The Wnt/β-catenin signaling in embryonic cardio­genesis, postnatal formation and reconstruction of myocardium72-83

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