TSitologiya i Genetika 2014, vol. 48, no. 6, 33-39
Cytology and Genetics , vol. , no. , , doi: https://www.doi.org/

Genetic polymorphism of Gentiana lutea L. (Gentianaceae) populations from Chornohora ridge of Ukrainian Carpathians

Мosula M.Z., Konvalyuk I.I., Mel'nyk V.М., Drobyk N.М., Tsaryk Y.V., Nesteruk Yu.Y., Kunakh V.A.

The features of genetic structure and level of diversity were investigated for G. lutea populations from Chornohora Ridge of Ukrainian Carpathians using RAPD- and ISSR-PCR. We have shown a high level of genetic diversity for investigated populations. The differences between populations account for 59–72 % of the total genetic variation, whereas intrapopulation polymorphism makes up 28–41 %. The relationships among genetic variability level and ecological-geographical conditions as well as biological features of the species were assumed to be possible. The obtained results indicate the genetic isolation of G. lutea Chornohora populations from Ukrainian Carpathians. Pozhyzhevska agropopulation was characterized by a high level of polymorphism that means the possibility to use artificial plantings of the investigated species for its conservation.

Keywords: Gentiana lutea, RAPD- and ISSR-markers, inter- and intrapopulation variability, indices of genetic polymorphism, genetic structure, differentiation of populations

TSitologiya i Genetika
2014, vol. 48, no. 6, 33-39

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Cytology and Genetics
, vol. , no. , ,

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