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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2020, v 54, Issue 6

Ishchenko I.I., Melnyk V.., Parnikoza .Y., Budzhak V.V., Panchuk .., Kunakh V.., Volkov R..Molecular organization of 5S ribosomal DNA and taxonomic status of Avenella flexuosa (L.) Drejer (Poaceae) 3-13
Kolomiiets Y., Grygoryuk I., Likhanov A., Butsenko L., Pasichnyk L., Blume Y.Induction of wheat resistance to the causative agent of basal bacteriosis by plant growth-promoting bacteria14-22
Shkliarevskyi M.A., Karpets Yu.V., Kolupaev Yu.E., Lugovaya A.A., Dmitriev A.P.Calcium-dependent changes of cellular redox-homeostasis and heat resistance of wheat plantlets under influence of hemin carbon monooxide donor23-34
Varchenko O.I., Kuchuk M.V., Parii M.F., Symonenko Yu.V.Comparison of the GFP gene expression levels after Agrobacterium-mediated transient transformation of Nicotiana rustica L. by constructions with different promotor sequences35-44
Huet ., Dvorshchenko ., Taburets O., Grebinyk D., Beregova T., Ostapchenko L.Tlr2, Tjp1 genes expression during restoration of skin integrity45-53
Yerzhebayeva R.S., Bazylova T.A., Babissekova D.I., Amangeldiyeva A.A., Tajibayev D., Ydyrys A.Study of a spring triticale collection concerning its resistance to leaf and stem rusts using allele-specific markers54-64
X. Chen, X. Zhu, Zh. Wei, Q. LvIdentification and differential expression of microRNA in response to elevated phospholipase Cγ expression in liver RH 35 carcinoma cells65-67
J. Sarvmeili, A. Saidi, N. Farrokhi, M. Pouresmael, R. TalebiGenetic diversity and population structure analysis of landrace and wild relatives of lentil germplasm using CBDP marker68-69
F. Polat, S. B. Dİler, G. BİngölAssociation of MYNN, TERT and TERC gene polymorphisms with prostate cancer in Turkish population70-72
Y. Liu, T. Lv, X. Su, Zh. RenComplete chloroplast genome of Psammochloa villosa (Poaceae), a pioneer grass endemic to sand dunes in northwest China73-74
Ahmed M. El-Shehawi, Saqer S. Alotaibi, Mona M. ElseehyGenomic study of Covid19 corona virus excludes its origin from recombination or characterized biological sources and suggests a role for hervs in its wide range symptoms75-78

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