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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2019, v 53, Issue 4

Navalikhina A., Antonyuk M., Pasichnyk T., Ternovska T.Identification of Oryza sativa awn development regulatory genes orthologs in Triticinae accessions 3-12
Cherevatov O.V., Panchuk I.I., Kerek S.S., Volkov R.A.Molecular diversity of the CoI-CoII spacer region in the mitochondrial genome and the origin of the Carpathian bee13-19
Famina A.A., Malyshev S.V., Shylava A.A., Liaudanski A.D., Urbanovich O.Yu.Investigation of allilic diversity of HMW glutenins genes of wheat varieties and lines used in the breeding process in the republic of Belarus by PCR markers20-33
Akhtariyeva M.K., Kozelets Ya.O., Filippova Yu.M., Netsvetaev V.P.Beta-amylase isozymes in spring common wheat and their role in the aggregation of grain protein34-40
Kucherenko A.M., rz L.V., Bvz .I., Bulavenko V.I., Antypkin Y.G., Berezenko V.S., Dyba M.B., Pampukha V.M., Gorodna O.V., Livshits L..Investigation of rs11536889 + 3725G/C polymorphism of the TLR4 gene in patients with autoimmune and chronic viral hepatitis C41-49
Yerzhebayeva R.S., Abekova A.M., Bersimbaeva G.H., Konysbekov K.T., Bastaubaeva S.O., Roik N.V., Urazaliev K.R.Cell selection of sugar beet in vitro for resistance to cultural filtrate of Fusarium xysporum50-59
Karelov A.V., Pylypenko L.A., Kozub N.A., Sozinov I.A., Blume Ya.B.Genetic background of the resistance against plant parasitic nematodes in wheat60-67
Shuanqin Yue, Jun Wen, Zhumei RenThe complete mitochondrial genome of the Rhus gall aphid Nurudea shiraii (hemiptera : aphididae : eriosomatinae)68-69
Tangjie Zhang, Saumendra N. Sarkar, Jianzhong ZhuMolecular cloning and functional characterization of mouse innate immune sensor RIG70-71
Kumar G., Srivastava A.EMS induced desynaptic male sterile lines in Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench)72-73
Xynias I.N., Mavromatis A.G., Korpetis E.G., Pankou C.I., Kozub N.O.Description and characterization of Hellenic wheat germplasm for agronomical and seed quality parameters using phenotypical, biochemical and molecular approache74-77

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