TSitologiya i Genetika, 1997

Bardakhch’ian EA, Kharlanova NG
The ultrastructural bases of disorders in the vascular plexuses of the lateral cerebral ventricles in rats under the action of endotoxin
Bardakhch’ian EA, Kharlanova NG, Lomov IuM
The characteristics of the changes in the vascular endothelium--the main target of the action of lipopolysaccharide in endotoxic shock
Baryliak IR, Bohatyr’ova RV, Buzhiievs’ka TI, Sheyko LP, Koblians’ka HM
An approach to genetic monitoring via a genetic registry
Bezdrobnaia LK, Romanova EP, Drozd IP, Fediuk EA, Koval’ GN
A micronucleus analysis of the peripheral blood lymphocytes of the professional contingent and of the self-settlers in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station
Bil’ko NM
Erythroid precursor cells in a tissue culture from subjects exposed to ionizing radiation
Dvirskiy AA
The reciprocally modifying effect of schizophrenia and diabetes mellitus on their phenotypic manifestations
Dyman’ TN, Glazko VI
The polymorphism of the kappa-casein gene and its connection to economically valuable traits in cattle
Ekshiian AIu, Livshits LA, Bychkova AM, Afanas’eva NA, Bariliak IR
A molecular genetic analysis of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in families at high risk from different regions of Ukraine
Garaev ZI, Alieva KA, Rasulov EM
Bite anomalies and inbreeding
Glazko GV, Rogozin IB, Glazko VI, Zelenaia LB, Sozinov AA
Experimental and calculated spectra of the amplicons UBC-85 and UBC-126 (RAPD-PCR)
Glazko GV, Sozinov AA
The characteristics of the chromosomal level of variability in mice
Glazko VI, Zelenaia LB, Iasinetskaia NA
A comparative analysis of Ungulata species by different molecular genetic markers (proteins, RAPD-PCR)
Isakova LM, Ganina KP, Ivanova IM, Vakulenko GA
The cytological characteristics of the cells of the multilayer squamous epithelium of the cervix uteri in relation to the association of the pathological processes with the human papilloma virus
Kirillov VA, Iushchenko IuP
A comparative morphometric analysis of the degree of thyrocyte aggregation in preoperative and postoperative cytological material from patients with the identical thyroid pathology
Kordium EL, Sidorenko PG
The results of the cytogenetic monitoring of the species of angiosperm plants growing in the area of the radionuclide contamination after the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station
Kyrylenko SD, Deriabin OM, Troianovs’kyy BM, Deriabina OH, Kyrylenko OL, Sozinov OO
A comparative phylogenetic analysis of the coding portion of the genes for structural protein E1 in the Shi-Min’ strain and in other strains of the classic hog cholera virus
Lukash LL, Karpova IS, Miroshnichenko OS, Tikhonova TN, Lylo VV, Man’ko VG, Sukhorada EM, Golynskaia EL
The effect of the lectin from Sambucus nigra inflorescences on spontaneous and alkylating agent-induced mutagenesis in mammalian somatic cells
Lukash LL, Paton EB, Sukhorada EM, Ruban TA, Krupskaia IS, Kostetskaia EV, Bratsiuk SI
The evaluation of the cytotoxicity of preparations with anticarcinogenic action in human cell cultures
Malewski T, Zwierzchowski L
Changes of tissue-specific transcription factors in the rabbit mammary gland during pregnancy and lactation.
Maliarchuk BA
MtDNA-like sequences and the coordination of the functioning of mammalian nuclear and mitochondrial genomes
Maliarchuk SG, Bychkova AM, Lee S, Verteletskiy V, Livshits LA
A case pf spontaneous deletion in the FMR1 gene in a patient with the Martin-Bell syndrome
Mazhuga PM
The sources of osteogenic cells in endochondral osteogenesis
Maznik NA, Vinnikov VA
The dynamics of the cytogenetic effects in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of those who worked in the cleanup of the aftermath of the accident at Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station
Mikhaylovskaia EV
Emperipolesis (hypotheses and facts)
Mukha DV, Lazebnaia IV, Sidorenko AP
The HindIII polymorphism of the ribosomal DNA in the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.)
Mukha DV, Sidorenko AP, Sibiriak MI
A simple method for isolation of amplified copies of ribosomal DNA of Tetrahymena pyriformis by pulse-field gel electrophoresis.
Nikol’chenko AIu, Omel’chenko EA, Gulevskiy AK, Moroz OP
The distribution of haptoglobin phenotypes among the population of Ukraine
Oblap RV, Glazko VI, Sozinov AA
The bovine leukosis virus and the diagnosis of infected animals
Oblap RV, Zhuravel’ EV, Glazko GV
Interlocus associations and their variability in cattle
Popova AF, Kordium EL
The characteristics of the structural organization of Chlorella cells cultured over 1 year under space flight conditions
Privezentsev KV
The effect of acute and chronic cadmium and gamma radiation exposures on micronucleus formation in mouse bone marrow cells
Romanova EP, Fediuk EA
The use of an automated micronucleus test for the biological dosimetry of radiation lesions
Rudas VA, Piven’ NM, Rivkin MI, Vershinin AV, Infante DC
The genetic transformation of Lycopersicon peruvianum var. dentatum by using Agrobacterium tumefaciens carrying a plasmid with the human beta-interferon gene
Shchegel’skaia EA, Klimenko VV
"Elimination chromatin" in the oocyte meiosis of mice, swine and cows during in-vitro maturation
Shcherbata HR, Maksymiv DV
A new system of prolonged genetic instability induced by N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea in Drosophila melanogaster
Sipko TP, Lomov AA, Bannikova AA, Mednikov BM
The estimation of the degree of genetic divergence in Bovidae by DNA restrictase analysis
Steklenev EP
The characteristics of the reproductive capacity of hybrids of the bison (Bison bison L.) with the domestic cow (Bos (Bos) primigenius taurus). The reproductive capacity of hybrid females
Tarasiuk SI, Glazko VI, Trofimenko AL
The muzzle and biochemical genetic markers as supplementary breed characteristics in cattle
Terman AK
The mechanisms of the increase in the amount of lipofuscin in the cells during aging
Vasil’eva TL
The prognosis of the development of recurrent bronchitis based on immunogenetic indices
Vinnichuk DT
The genetic selection aspects of the "Holsteinization" of dairy cattle breeding in Ukraine
Vinnichuk DT, Oleynik LA
The criterion of lactation stability in cows
Zinchenko VA
The cytological characteristics of a radioresistant variant of the L929 line