TSitologiya i Genetika, 1997, no. 3

Popova AF, Kordium EL
The characteristics of the structural organization of Chlorella cells cultured over 1 year under space flight conditions
Shchegel’skaia EA, Klimenko VV
"Elimination chromatin" in the oocyte meiosis of mice, swine and cows during in-vitro maturation
Kirillov VA, Iushchenko IuP
A comparative morphometric analysis of the degree of thyrocyte aggregation in preoperative and postoperative cytological material from patients with the identical thyroid pathology
Kordium EL, Sidorenko PG
The results of the cytogenetic monitoring of the species of angiosperm plants growing in the area of the radionuclide contamination after the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station
Mukha DV, Sidorenko AP, Sibiriak MI
A simple method for isolation of amplified copies of ribosomal DNA of Tetrahymena pyriformis by pulse-field gel electrophoresis.
Kyrylenko SD, Deriabin OM, Troianovs’kyy BM, Deriabina OH, Kyrylenko OL, Sozinov OO
A comparative phylogenetic analysis of the coding portion of the genes for structural protein E1 in the Shi-Min’ strain and in other strains of the classic hog cholera virus
Garaev ZI, Alieva KA, Rasulov EM
Bite anomalies and inbreeding
Mikhaylovskaia EV
Emperipolesis (hypotheses and facts)