TSitologiya i Genetika, 1997, no. 4

Malewski T, Zwierzchowski L
Changes of tissue-specific transcription factors in the rabbit mammary gland during pregnancy and lactation.
Glazko GV, Sozinov AA
The characteristics of the chromosomal level of variability in mice
Sipko TP, Lomov AA, Bannikova AA, Mednikov BM
The estimation of the degree of genetic divergence in Bovidae by DNA restrictase analysis
Glazko VI, Zelenaia LB, Iasinetskaia NA
A comparative analysis of Ungulata species by different molecular genetic markers (proteins, RAPD-PCR)
Tarasiuk SI, Glazko VI, Trofimenko AL
The muzzle and biochemical genetic markers as supplementary breed characteristics in cattle
Dyman’ TN, Glazko VI
The polymorphism of the kappa-casein gene and its connection to economically valuable traits in cattle