TSitologiya i Genetika, 1997, no. 1

Bardakhch’ian EA, Kharlanova NG
The ultrastructural bases of disorders in the vascular plexuses of the lateral cerebral ventricles in rats under the action of endotoxin
Privezentsev KV
The effect of acute and chronic cadmium and gamma radiation exposures on micronucleus formation in mouse bone marrow cells
Bezdrobnaia LK, Romanova EP, Drozd IP, Fediuk EA, Koval’ GN
A micronucleus analysis of the peripheral blood lymphocytes of the professional contingent and of the self-settlers in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station
Mazhuga PM
The sources of osteogenic cells in endochondral osteogenesis
Maliarchuk SG, Bychkova AM, Lee S, Verteletskiy V, Livshits LA
A case pf spontaneous deletion in the FMR1 gene in a patient with the Martin-Bell syndrome
Vasil’eva TL
The prognosis of the development of recurrent bronchitis based on immunogenetic indices
Nikol’chenko AIu, Omel’chenko EA, Gulevskiy AK, Moroz OP
The distribution of haptoglobin phenotypes among the population of Ukraine
Steklenev EP
The characteristics of the reproductive capacity of hybrids of the bison (Bison bison L.) with the domestic cow (Bos (Bos) primigenius taurus). The reproductive capacity of hybrid females