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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2001, v 35, Issue 5

Brick A. F., Sivolap Yu. M.Molecular-Genetic Polymorphism of Cultivated Soybean Detected by AP-PCR, SSRP, and ISSR 3-9
Krinichnaya N. V.Experimental Testing of the Method of Partitioning of Segregating Populations on Component Genotypes10-14
Ibraimova Zh. K., Tankimanova M. K., Bersimbaev R. I.Chromosome Localization of a Gametocidal Gene in a Wheat Line15-19
Poperelya F. A., Mozharenko M. N.Genetic Classification of Hordeins by Means of PAAG Electrophoresis20-24
Simchuk A. P.Frequency-Dependent Sexual Selection in a Natural Population of Oak Leafroller Moth (Tortrix viridana L.)25-29
Kravchenko S. A., Pampukha V. M., Ekshiyan O. Yu., Nechiporenko M. V., Livshits L. A.Allele Polymorphism of Micro- and Mini-Satellite Loci in Population of Different Regions of Ukraine30-37
Ryabenko V. V., Nozhinova O. A., Kaidashev I. P.A Role of Peptide Complexes from Kidney and Thymus in the Regulation of Apoptosis in Lymphoid Cells38-43
Gomolyako I. V., Tumasova K. P.Ultrastructural and Morphometric Characteristics of Neutrophilic Granulocytes of Blood44-48
Kobets T.V., Usachenko I.E.Risk factors of complicated neonatal period course in children with low body mass in birth.49-53
Mukhin V.N., Moskalenko V.Z., Grona V.N., Sopov G.A., Linchevskiy G.L.Population prevalence of congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in Donetsk region of Ukraine60-64
Grishchenko E. I., Blume Ya. B.Peculiarities of Embriogenic Development in vitro of Brassica napus Pollen Grains65-73
Kozub N. A., Sozinov I. A., Sozinov A. A.Conjugacy of the 1BL/1RS Translocation with Qualitative and Quantitative Traits in Common Wheat T. aestivum74-80

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