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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2001, v 35, Issue 3

Stelmakh A.F., Fait V.I., Martynyuk V.R.Differences in the Genetic Systems Controlling Photoreaction and Vernalization Requirement in Winter Bread Wheat 3-9
Shevtsov I.A., Chugunkova T.V.Productivity of Autotetraploids and Frequency of Aneuploid Occurrence in the Process of Haplopappus gracilis L. Reproduction10-13
Sivolap Yu.M., Trebel'skiy D.Yu.Identification of Maize Genotypes by Means of PCR-Analysis14-21
Babayants L.T., Miros' S.L., Totskiy V.N., Babayants O.V.Genetic Determination and Inheritance of Resistance to Fusarium graminearum L. in Wheat22-29
Kirpichenko T.V., Vorobyova L.I.Phototaxis and Fitness of the Eyeless Drosophila melanogaster Line30-34
Berezovskaya O.P., Sidorenko A.P., Mukha D.V.Structural Characteristics of Osteopontin mRNA.35-42
Balatsky V.N., Metlitskaya E.I.DNA Diagnostics of Porcine Stress Syndrome and RYRI Genotype Association with Viability of Young Pigs43-49
Naleskina L.A., Zabarko L.B., Polishchuk L.Z., Oliynichenko G.P., Zakhartseva L.M., Koshel' K.V.Complex Estimation of Proliferative Activity in the Large Intestine Epithelium Cells Damaged by Polyps and Cancer50-55
Romanova O.P., Bezdrobna L.K.The Spontaneous Frequency of Micronuclei in the Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Kyiv Residents56-58
Perminova I.N., Sinel'shchikova T.A., Alekhina N.I., Perminova E.V., Zasukhina G.D.Biomonitoring in Lymphocytes of Workers Contacting with Nickel Compounds, and Approach to Decreasing of Genetic Effects59-66
Barilyak I. R., Berdyshev G. D., Bon' O. V.Genofond of the Ukraine Population: Current Situation and New Approaches to Defense and Conservation67-71
Sobol’ M.A.A Role of Nucleolus in Plant Cell Respons to Environmental Physical Factors72-84

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