TSitologiya i Genetika, 2019, no. 3

Krasnoperova E.E., Buy D.D., Goriunova I.I., Isayenkov S.V., Karpov P.A., Blume Ya.B., Yemets A.I.
Potential role of protein kinases SnRK1 in regulation of cell division of Arabidopsis thaliana
Romanenko K.O., Kosakivska I.V., Babenko L.M., Vasheka O.V., Romanenko P.O., Negretsky V.A., Minarchenko V.M.
Effects of exogenous cytokinins on spore germination and gametophyte morphogenesis of Dryopteris filix­mas (L.) Schott in vitro culture
Sedelnikova T.S., Pimenov A.V.
Karyological study of siberian larch species Larix sibirica and Larix gmelinii in Taimyr
Terletskiy V.P., Lazarev A.M.
To the question of genotyping strains of bacteria of the genera Pectobacterium and Pseudomonas – the pathogens of bacterioses of potatoes
Zayets V.N., Tsuvarev A.Yu., Kolomiiets L.A., Kornelyuk A.I.
Site­directed mutagenesis of tryptofan residues in the structure of the catalytic module of tyrosil­tRNA synthetase Bos taurus
Ilyin I.E., Nikitin O.D., Gontar J.V., Buderatska N.O., Verlinsky O.Yu.
Pronuclear scoring application in predicting the morphology and ploidy of early human embryos
Babajanov O.A., Karimov Ch.Ya., Arifov S.S., Boboev K.T.
Evaluation of the role of polymorphism rs2010963 of VEGF gene in the development of rosaсea and its relationship with clinical forms of the disease
Muhammad Fahad Khan, Qurban Ali, Muhammad Tariq, Shafique Ahmed, Zahida Qamar, Idrees Ahmad Nasir
Genetic modification of Saccharum officinarum for herbicide tolerance
El-Shehawi A.M., Ahmed M.M., Elseehy M.M., Hassan M.M.
Isolation of antimicrobials from native plants of taif governorate
Yuping Liu, Xu Su, Ting Lv, Kelong Chen
Development of novel low­copy nuclear gene primers by transcriptomes in an endemic genus Orinus Hitchc. (Poaceae) from the Qinghai­Tibet Plateau