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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2002

Aliev A.A., Dzhafarova S.D., Rustamova A.M., Medzhidov M.M.Protection of the Mammalian Genome against Mutagen Activity of Styrene and Anilin with the Unabi (Zizyphus Mill) Fruit Extract and Produced Composite Preparation[5]26-29
Barilyak I.R., Dugan A.V.Ecogenetical Investigations in Ukraine[5] 3-10
Barilyak I.R., Kovalchuk L.E., Skiban G.V.The Review of "Explanatory dictionary of medical-genetic" by V.V. Nastyukova, V.I. Glazko[5]81
Berezovska O. P.Features of Fetal Bone Organ Culture Development under Space Flight Conditions[2]60-67
Berezovska O. P., Moroz O. Yu., Sidorenko A. P.Intra- and Interspecies Differences in the ISSR-PCR Patterns of Bumble Bee (Hymenoptera : Bombinae)[3]28-35
Blankovskaya T. F., Kirilenko N. A.Morphometric Analysis of Zygote during Its Maturation in Wheat and Rye[3]12-16
Boretsky Yu.R., Petryshyn ņ.,  rieger  ., Richter G., Fedorovych D.V., Bacher ņ.Cloning and Expression of a Gene Encoding Riboflavin Synthase of Yeast Pichia guilliermondii[4] 3-7
Buloychik A. A., Voluevich E. A., Mikhno A. M.Genome and Plasmon Effects on Expression of the Defeated Genes of Resistance to Brown Rust in Wheat[2]11-19
Czeizel A.E.Prevention of Developmental Abnormalities with Particular Emphasis of Primary Prevention[5]58-72
Demina E.A.Cytogenetic and Carcinogenic Effects in Liquidators of the Chernobyl Accident[5]11-15
Dmitriev A.P.Signal Systems of Plant Immunity[3]58-68
Domenyuk V.P., Belousov A.A., Sivolap Yu.M.DNA-Marking Quantitative Trait Loci in Maize[6] 9-15
Dvornyk A. S., Pererva T. P., Kunakh V. A.Screening of Preparations Derived from the Tissue Culture of Herbs for the Antimutagenic Activity in the Escherihia coli Ė Bacteriophage λ System[2] 3-10
Egorova T.V., Skorik V.V., Ternovskaya T.K.Revealing Intervarietal Genetic Heterogeneity in Oat According to the Results of F1 Diallel Analysis[4] 8-16
Gerasymenko V. V.Immunogenetic Structure of the Pig Herd of Ukrainian Steppe White Breed with Respect to the Frequency of Complex Genotypes in Connection with Some Parameters of Productivity[2]44-52
Gileva E.A.Chromatid Gaps as a Marker of the Mutagenic Effect of Environmental Pollution in Commensal and Wild Rodents of the Urals[4]17-22
Goncharova R. I., Dalivelya O. V., Kuzhir T. D., Duburs G. Ya., Uldrikis Ya. R.Clastogenicity of Ethyl Methanesulfonate and Dimethyl Terephthalate in Micronucleus Test and the Ways of its Modification[1]14-25
Gorova A.I., Klimkina I.I.Usage of Cytogenetic Testing for Estimation of the Ecological Situation and Efficiency of Improvement of Children and Adult Health with Natural Adaptogens[5]21-25
Gorovenko N.G., Olkhovich N.V., Pichkur N.A.Molecular-Genetic Screening of Major Mutations in the ARSA Gene in Patients with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy[5]43-48
Grishchenko N.V., Malyarchuk S.G., Ekshiyan A.Yu., Bychkova A.M., Livshits L.A.The Methylation Status of the FMR1 Gene Promotor in Patients with Martin-Bell Syndrome from Ukraine[4]53-56
Ilyushchenko V. G.The Classification of Spontaneous Genotypic Cell Adaptation[5]34-42
Korshikov I. I., Skidan E. M., Koba V. P.The Genetic Control of Allozymes in Pinus pityusa Stev. of the Natural Crimean Populations[1]26-31
Kovalenko V. I., Shumny V. K.Homostyly as an Efficient Tool for Development of Homozygous Lines in Buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum Moench[1] 3-13
Kovaleva N. V.Sex Ratio in Down Syndrome[6]54-69
Kovaleva N. V., Butomo I. V.Reproductive Behavior and Down Syndrome[1]53-58
Kovaleva N. V., Koval’chuk E. V.Sex Ratio in Down Syndrome. Estimation of Chromosome 21 Non-Disjunction during Spermatogenes[1]50-52
Kripka A.V., Sorochinskiy B.V., Grodzinskiy D.M.Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Development of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis and its Role in Plant Life[4]72-80
Kuzemenskiy A. V.Non-Allelic Interaction of Mutant Genes in Tomato[1]32-39
Kuzemenskiy A. V., Eremenko V. V.Pleiotropic Effects of the Gene bl and its Practical Usage in Tomato Selection[2]20-25
Lazyuk G.I., Pribushenya O.V.Effectiveness of Prevention of Congenital Pathologies in Belarus[5]79-80
Litoshenko A. Ya.Mitochondrial Evolution[5]49-57
Litvinenko N.A., Adamovskaya V.G., Molodchenkova O.O, Motsny I.I.Genetic Resistance of Wheat to Fusarium Root Rot and its Relation with Trypsin Inhibitor Activity in Seeds[2]30-34
Livshyts' L.A., Yasins'ka O.A.A Role of Microdeletions of the Chromosome Region Yq11 in the Development of Non-Obstructive Forms of Male Infertility[5]73-78
Lukash L. L.Destabilization of Cellular Genome under the Influence of Expression of Early Regulator Genes of Oncoviruses[2]68-80
Lukash L. L., Lylo V. V., Maníko V. G., Terentev A. G.The Increasing Mutagenic Effect of Nitrosoguanidine under Influence of Modified Bases during Inhibition of Repair AGT Enzyme in Mammalian Somatic Cells in vitro[3]41-50
Lymanskiy O. P., Lymanska O. Yu.Study of Microorganism Genome DNA by Atomic Force Microscopy[4]30-36
Mel'nik V.M., Spiridonova K.V., Andreev I.O., Strashnyuk N.M., Kunakh V.A.The Investigation of Genomes of Some Gentiana Species in the Nature and in vitro Cell Culture[6]28-34
Nasibullin B. A.Peculiarities of Reaction of the Mitochondria Population in the Neurons of Sensorimotor Cortex under Prolong Influence of Low-Frequency Vibration on Rats[1]40-45
Nastyukova V.V., Stepanova E.I., Glazko V.I.Cytogenetic Effects in Children Under Different Conditions of Influence of Small Dozes of Ionizing Radiation[6]38-45
Nazarova A. F.To the Problem of Differentiation of North Mongoloids, Caucasoids, and Amerinds in the Territory of Eurasia: Genetic Data[6]46-53
Nikolaychuk V.I.Self-Fertility Problems in Birdsfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)[6]21-27
Oblap R. V., Zwierzchowski L., Malienko V. A., Glazko V. I.Comparative Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Red Polish Cattle in Poland and Ukraine[2]35-43
Pariy M.F.A New Gene for Maize Tassel Structure[6]35-37
Pariy Ya. F.Investigation of the Major Genes of the Cariopsis Aleurone Layer Colour in the Maize Lines Genotypes[2]26-29
Pilins'ka M.A., Dibs'kiy S.S., Skalets'kiy Yu.M.Applying the FISH Technique for the Verification of Irradiation Doses in 40 Liquidators of the Chernobyl Accident[5]16-20
Rudenko S. S., Morozova T. V., Kostyshyn S. S., Strelchenko E. D.Peculiarities of the Influence of Chemical and Physical Factors on Cytogenetic Indices of Root Meristem in Pisum sativum L.[3]22-27
Rudenko S.S., Morozova T.V., Kostyshyn S.S., Bezrukov V.F., Gorova A.I.Micronuclear Index of Somatic Cells in the Population of Chernivtsi Region and Its Ecological Conditionality[4]23-29
Sakhno L.A., Sytnik E.S., Komarnitskiy I.K., Kuchuk N.V., Klimyuk V.I.Activity of the Maize Spm Transposon System in Transgenic Orychophragmus violaceus (L.) O.E.Schulz. Plants Obtained by Both Direct Transfer of DNA to Protoplasts and Agrobacterial Transformation of Root Explants[6] 3-8
Satarova T.N.Genetic Analysis of Maize by its Ability to Androgenesis in the Diallel Cross System[4]49-52
Sechnyak A.L., Totskiy V.N., Toptikov V.A., Dyachenko L.F.Problems of Formation of Genetic Coadaptation under Creation of Synthetic Genotypes[6]70
Siratskyy I. Z., Fedorovych E. I.Genetic Polymorphism of the Blood and Milk Enzymes and Proteins and Their Association with the Economically Valuable Traits of Black-and-White Cattle of the Western Region of Ukraine[2]53-59
Skorik V.V., Skorik N.V.Genetic-Statistical Characterization of the Novel Different-Height Donors for the Stem Shortness in Winter Rye[6]16-20
Totskiy V. N., Khaustova N. D., Alshibli N. M., Sechnyak A. L.Genetic and Biochemical Mechanisms of Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Adaptation[3]69-75
Tryapitsyna N.V., Glazko V.I.Achievements and Problems in Cloning of Mammals[4]57-71
Tseluyko V.I., Kravchenko N.A., L'vova A.B., Lyashenko A.V.–olymorphism of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Gene at Cardiovascular Pathology[5]30-33
Tuganova T. N., Bolgova L. S.Main Morphofunctional Types of Blast Cell Nucleoli in Non-Hodgkin`s Lymphomas and Benign Hyperplasia[3]51-57
Vorsanova S. G., Yurov Y. B., Brusquant D., Carles E., Roizes G.Two New Cases of the Christchurch (Ch1) Chromosome 21: Evidence for Clinical Consequences of de novo Deletion 21p-[1]46-49
Yanchukov A. V., Morozov-Leonov S. Yu.Comparative Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Hybrid Populations of European Toads of the Genus Bombina (Oken, 1816) from Ukraine and Croatia[3]36-40
Zhebentyayeva T. N.Hybridization and Genetic Control of Esterase in Apricot[3]17-21
Zykov K.I.Mutational Variability of Quantitative Manifestation of Some Traits in Garden Rose[4]37-48

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