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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2002, v 36, Issue 2

Dvornyk A. S., Pererva T. P., Kunakh V. A.Screening of Preparations Derived from the Tissue Culture of Herbs for the Antimutagenic Activity in the Escherihia coli Bacteriophage λ System 3-10
Buloychik A. A., Voluevich E. A., Mikhno A. M.Genome and Plasmon Effects on Expression of the Defeated Genes of Resistance to Brown Rust in Wheat11-19
Kuzemenskiy A. V., Eremenko V. V.Pleiotropic Effects of the Gene bl and its Practical Usage in Tomato Selection20-25
Pariy Ya. F.Investigation of the Major Genes of the Cariopsis Aleurone Layer Colour in the Maize Lines Genotypes26-29
Litvinenko N.A., Adamovskaya V.G., Molodchenkova O.O, Motsny I.I.Genetic Resistance of Wheat to Fusarium Root Rot and its Relation with Trypsin Inhibitor Activity in Seeds30-34
Oblap R. V., Zwierzchowski L., Malienko V. A., Glazko V. I.Comparative Analysis of the Genetic Structure of Red Polish Cattle in Poland and Ukraine35-43
Gerasymenko V. V.Immunogenetic Structure of the Pig Herd of Ukrainian Steppe White Breed with Respect to the Frequency of Complex Genotypes in Connection with Some Parameters of Productivity44-52
Siratskyy I. Z., Fedorovych E. I.Genetic Polymorphism of the Blood and Milk Enzymes and Proteins and Their Association with the Economically Valuable Traits of Black-and-White Cattle of the Western Region of Ukraine53-59
Berezovska O. P.Features of Fetal Bone Organ Culture Development under Space Flight Conditions60-67
Lukash L. L.Destabilization of Cellular Genome under the Influence of Expression of Early Regulator Genes of Oncoviruses68-80

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