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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2019, v 53, Issue 2

Yastreb Ď.╬., Kolupaev Yu.┼., Havva E.N., Shkliarevskyi M.A., Dmitriev └.P.Calcium and components of lipid signaling in realization of hydrogen sulfide influence on state of stomata in Arabidopsis thaliana 3-11
Korshikov I.I., Belonozhko Yu.A., Lapteva E.V.Using micronucleus test in Pinus pallasiana D. Don and Picea abies (L.) KÓrst. to assess the influence of technogenic pollution12-20
Motsnyi I.I., Lytvynenko M.A., Molodchenkova O.O., Sokolov V.M., Fayt V.I., Sechniak V.Yu.Development of winter wheat starting material using interspecific crossing for breeding for increased protein content21-33
Pedachenko E.G., Vasilyeva I.G., Khizniak M.V., Chopyck N.G., Oleksenko N.P., Shuba I.N., Tsjubko O.I., Galanta O.S., Dmytrenko A.B., Makarova T.A., Snitsar N.D.Effect of platelet rich plasma on morphogenesis and chondrogenic marker gene expression by chondrocyte-like rat Nucleus pulposus cells in vitro34-42
Garmanchuk L.V., Nehelia A.O., Inomistova M., Khranovska N.M., Tolstanova G.M., Blume Ya.B., Yemets A.I.Differently green-synthesized CdS quantum dots: comparison of toxicity, antiproliferative effects and adhesion activity on human cells43-55
Kozeko L.Y.A role of HSP90 chaperones in stability and plasticity of onthogenesis of plants under normal and stressful conditions (Arabidopsis thaliana)56-73
Zhou J., Yuan J., Long H., Tan X.Expression profiles of a tung tree phosphate transporter cdna and structural characteristics of the encoded protein74-75
Kong C.S., Chen J.H., Liu J.H., Yu L.Molecular characterization and tissue expression of common tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) cadmium resistance protein 2 and metal tolerance protein 4 genes76-77
KAUR NAVJOT, GUPTA RAGHBIR CHANDNew base number for the chromosomally abnormal genus Arthraxon P. Beauv. from Rajasthan78-79

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