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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2008, v 42, Issue 4

Pavlova M.V., Nikolayev U.S, Irodov D.M., Okunev O.V., Kordium V.A., Gilchuk P.V.Characterization of a panel of mouse single-chain antibodies against recombinant human interferon β1b< 3-11
Twardovska M.O., Strashniuk N.M., Melínyk V.M., Adonin V.I., Kunakh V.A.Chromosome variability in the tissue culture of rare Gentiana species12-17
Rybalka O.I.The alien germplasm for amelioration of wheat grain quality characteristics18-26
Belinskaya E.V.Inheritance of capability to androgenesis in vitro in spring barley27-37
Matveeva N.A., Shakhovsky A.M., Kuchuk N.V.Construction of somatic hybrids among transgenic Solanum tuberosum and transplastomic Solanum rickii38-44
Myryuta A.Yu., Pererva T.P.Biological activity of Ungernia victoris extract in the Escherichia coli CaCl2-transformation system in the presence of calcium channel modulators45-49
Mezhzherin S.V., Vlasenko R.P., Garbar A.V.Genetic structure and peculiarities of earthworms Aporrectodea (superspecies) caliginosa (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) complex on the territory of Ukraine50-57
Demyanchuk N.P., Oblap R.V., Novak N.B., Melnichuk M.D.Molecular-biological studies of Trichogramma Westw58-62
Kozeretska I.A., Protsenko A.V., Afanasieva K.S., Rushkovskyy S.R., Chuba A.I., Mousseau T.A. Moller A.P.Mutation processes in the natural populations of Drosophila and Hirundo rustica from Ukrainian radiation contaminated territories63-68
Kravchenko N.A., Yarmish N.V.Regulation of endothelial NO-synthase expression and dysfunction of vessel endothelium at cardiovascular pathology69-80

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