TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989

Aizatulina Kh. S., Yachevskaya G. L., Pereladova T. P.
Studies in the Genome Structure of Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv.
Anoshenko B. Yu., Davydenko O. G.
Correlation Analysis of Productivity Elements and Ultrastructure of Cytoplasm Organelles in Alloplasmatic Wheat Lines
Arefiev V. A.
Studies in the Caryotype of Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedti Brant (Chondrostei)
Atramentova L. A., Prikhodko E. A., Shakhbazov V. G.
Structure of Marriages and Human Resistance to Alcoholism
Babayan R. S., Gasparyan A. M., Mkrtchyan A. T.
On the Genetic Nature of Induced Variegation (Chimaerity) of Barley in M1
Badaeva E. D., Amosova A. V., Onoprienko V. S., Badaev N. S.
Cytogenetic Studies of Triticum miguschovae and Its Parental Species
Bebyakin V. M., Korobova N. I.
Gene Interactions and Effects of Combining Ability of Winter Wheat Varieties by Yield Components
Belitser N. V., Anishchuk M. G., Pozdnyakova T. M., Gorkun O. V
Ultrastructural Changes of Thrombocytes During ADP-Stimulated Aggregation (in the Presence of Fibrinogen)
Bigaliev A. B., Erzhanov N. T.
Studies in Chromosomes of Two Species of Gerboas (fam. Dipodidae) from Central Kasakhstan. Description of Caryotypes, Species Peculiarities, Localization of Nucleolar-Organizing Regions
Bogdanova T. I., Gordienko V. M., Beskrovny A. M.
Ultrastructure of Adrenal Glands in Rats under Stress after Preliminary Use of Biostimulator «Biomos»
Brusilovsky A. I.
A Review of the Book «Tissue Basophils and Basophilic Granulocytes of Blood» by V. A. Protsenko, S. I. Shpak, S. M. Dotsenko
Bugaenko L. A., Bugorsky P. S., Nazarenko L. G.
Inheritance and Variability of the Content of Essential Oil and Extractive Substances in Hybrids F1 During Intervarietal Crossings of Rose
Bulavka N. V.
Inheritance of the Vernalization Period Duration in Different Varieties of Winter Bread Wheat
Chopikashvili L. V., Bobyleva L. A., Zolotareva G. N.
Genotoxic Effects of Heavy Metals and Their Salts in the Experiment on Drosophila and Mammalia
Davydenko O. G.
Importance of Cytoplasmic Variability in Evolution and Selection of Plants
Dmitrieva A. N., Borisenko L. R., Savchenko N. I.
Normalization of Biochemical Processes When Restoring Pollen Fertility in Winter-Wheat Hybrids F1
Dzhuraev Yu. P., Ergashev A.-K. E.
On the Fecundity of Tetraploid Cotton Species and Their Hybrids
Gasparyan G. G., Grigoryan R. M.
Peculiarities of Proliferation Stimulation of the Cultivated Chick Embryo Cells during Replanting
Gudz Yu. V.
The Principles for Selection of Parent Lines While Developing Corn Hybrids with a Wide Adaptive Potential
Guskov E. P., Dvorkina R. M., Belichenko N. I.
Endogeneous Mechanisms for Protection of the Plant Meristema Cells from the Genotoxic Nature of Hyperbaric Oxygenation
Ilina E. G., Lazyuk G. I.
A New Observation of the "Double Hypophysis-Multiple Malformations" Complex
Iovenko V. N., Sukharkov S. I., Turinsky N. M.
Comparative Analysis of the Gene Pool in the Ascanian Multifetal and Purebred Sheep Populations
Ismoilov M. I., Dragavtsev V. A., Bobodzhanov V. A.
Combination of Ecological-Genetic Analysis of Triticale Productivity Traits with a Diallel Analysis
Khalilov V. G., Kasumov A. G.
Certain Cytogenetic Peculiarities of Aegilops×Secale Hybrids of the First Generation
Kharlamova N. G., Bardakhchyan E. A.
Ultrastructural Changes in Alveolar Macrophages of Rats as Affected by Escherichia coli Endotoxin
Klisenko M. A., Pilinskaya M. A.
Mutagenic Activity and Structure of Pesticides
Kondratenko N. V., Shevtsov I. A.
Inheritance of the Plant Height, Mass of 1000 Fruits in the Sugar Beet Testes
Kosichenko L. P.
Long-Term Mutagenic Effect in Different Types of Somatic Cells of Monkeys Subjected to the Action of Low-Capacity Ionizing Radiation
Kovalenko A. G., Shcherbatenko L. S., Oleshchenko L. T., Rud E. A., Strelyaeva N. I.
Production of Fertile Somatic Clones of Interspecific Tobacco Hybrids with High Resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
Kovalenko V. P., Lesnoi V. A.
Phenotypic Variability Components of Reproductive, Fattening, Pork-Lard Characteristics in Sows Tested Under Different Ecological Conditions
Kozyritsky V. G.
Ultrastructural Characteristic of Corticotropic Cells in the Rat Adenohypophysis
Kurilo L. F.
Possibilities of the Cytogenetic Studies in Meiosis During Male Sterility
Kurilo L. F., Mardanova G. V.
A Review of the Book «Cytology of a Trophoblast» by E. V. Zybina
Kurinny A. I., Masnik L. I., Lvova T. S.
Comparative Study of Mutagenic Dicourol Activity on Five Test-Objects
Leikina M. I., Drachuk L. P., Polyakova I. A.
Peculiarities of Ultrastructural Changes in the Tissue Culture as Affected by the Energy Metabolism Inhibitors
Lushnikova A. A.
Concerning Caryology of Hordeum murinum L.
Lvova T. S.
Comparative Studies of the Recombinogenic Action of Some Pesticides on Yeasts in the Absence and Presence of Metabolic Activation
Magulaev A. Yu.
The Number of Middle Clover Chromosomes in Flora of the Crimea and Caucasus
Martynov S. P.
Clyster Analysis of the Saratov Spring Wheat Cultivars by the Parentage Coefficients
Marunenko I. M., Kuchko A. A.
Callusgenesis and Embryoidogenesis in the Culture of Potato Anthers
Mazalevsky A. F.
Phenotypical Peculiarities of a Heterogeneous Group of Children Who Are Often Ill
Mdivani T. V., Agladze A. G., Tumanishvili G. D.
Ultrastructural Changes in Hepa tocyte Nuclei of Rats with Bilateral Adrenalectomy and after Cortisol Administration
Mglinets V. A., Remizova E. Yu., Vikulova V. K.
Phenocopying Effect of Ether on Drosophila Embryos of mn d/SM5 Strain
Molotkov P. I., Kirichenko O. I., Bengus Yu. V.
On the Origin of the Witch’s-Broom in Scotch Pine
Mozalevsky A. F., Yushchenko G. K., Dudina E. A.
The Frequency of Phenotypes and Genes of the Polymorphic Blood Systems in a Population as Dependent on the Age Factor
Mozhilevsky P. L.
Significance of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Realization of the Hereditary Potential of Record-Holding Cows' Longevity
Naumov G. I., Shchurov M. N., Kondratieva V. I.
Hybridization and Recombination in Yeasts Pichia alni, P. bimundalis, P. finlandica, P. glucozyma, P. henricii, P. holstii, P. minuta var. nonfermentans, P. muscicola
Nersesyan A. K., Zilfyan V. N., Kumkumadzhyan V. A.
A Decrease in the Cytogenetic Action of Adryblastine and Pharmorubicyn by Tularemic Vaccine in Experiment
Netsvetaev V. P., Krestinkov I. S.
Isoenzyme Composition of Grain Superoxide Dismutase and Productivity of Spring Barley Plants
Nikiforova V. Ya., Voronin S. A.
Mutagenic Effect of Beryllium on Animals
Pereladova T. P., Tordansky A. B.
Intra- and Intervarietal Polymorphism of Chromosomes in Eight Barley Varieties
Plakhotnikov A. G., Yaremenko V. I., Gerasimenko V. V.
Dynamics of Microevolution Processes While Using Pigs of Different Types Under Industrial Complex Conditions
Podstreshny A. P., Kovalenko V. P., Khorunzhy I. V.
Genetic Structure of Groups of Hens of Different Distribution Classes by Weight Characters
Popova A. F., Shnyukova E. I.
An Ultrastructure of Plastids, Fractional Composition and Specific Activity of Amylases in Chlorella Cells under Conditions of Clinostatation
Pukhalsky V. A., Lapochkina I. F.
The Effect of Aegilops speltoides Tausch. on the Character of Chromosome Pairing in Hybrids Obtained with Triticum aestivum L. Participation
Rashal I. D., Kaller S. A., Laman N. A.
Peculiarities of the Response of Barley Genotypes with a Dwarfism Gene br to Exogenous Gibberellin
Rozhkov Yu. I., Okhapkin S. K., Vorobiev E. G., Bezenko S. P., Galimov I. R., Piskunov O. D., Rozhkova L. V.
Effect of Selection on Heterozygosis of Farm Animals
Samorodov V. N., Pospelov S. V., Pomogaibo V. M.
A Path Analysis of Traits Determining Setting of Parthenocarpic Fruits in Pear-Trees in Natural Cross-Pollination
Savchenko V. I., Ivanov Yu. N., Budovsky N. F., Bratash A. N., Taran M. S.
Male Sterility of Winter Wheat Plants under the Ethrel Effect
Sedova K. S.
Estimation of the Total Mutagenic Activity of the Industrial Environment at Ferrous Metallurgy Enterprises
Shalimov N. A., Katsy G. D.
Dynamics of the Skin Histostructure and Functions with Adaptation of the Angler Cows of Different Constitution Types
Sharipov I. K., Vishnevskaya S. S., Mergembaeva Kh. S.
Chromosome Aberrations in the Greenhouse Workers Contacting with Pesticides
Shchegelskaya E. A., Klimenko V. V.
Phenotypic Sex Reversal in Cells of the Silkworm Germ Line. Cytological Analysis of the Sex Reversal in Male Germ Line Cells
Shchegelskaya E. A., Klimenko V. V.
Phenotypic Sex Reversal in Germ Line Cells of Silkworm. Sex Reversal in Male Germ Line of Testes Implanted into Male Larvae
Shcherbakova L. B., Beletsky Yu. D., Fedorenko G. M.
Ultrastructure of Plastids of the Plastomic Sunflower Mutant Grown under Different Light Conditions
Shevchenko T. N., Timashova E. O., Fomin V. V., Telegeev G. D.
Integration and Amplification of Plasmid DNA in the Bacillus subtilis Chromosome
Shiryaeva E. I., Yarmolyuk G. I., Kulik A. G., Chervyakova V. V.
Apomixis in Self-Pollinated Lines of Sugar Beet and Its Application in Heterosis Breeding
Shubin P. N., Efimtseva E. A.
A Codominant Nature of Alleles of Locus E2 Controlling Synthesis of the Human Blood Serum Cholinesterase
Sidorova K. K., Stolyarova S. N., Safonova V. T., Khristolyubova N. B.
Symbiotic Properties of Pea Mutants
Soldatov P. K., Davronov I. D.
Soya Glycine max L. as a Test-Object to Study Mutagenicity of Pesticides
Steklenev E. P., Kozikova L. V.
Peculiarities of Hybridization of Domestic Hen and Guinea Fowl and Structural-Functional Organization of Hybrid Chromosomes as Against Initial Species
Stolbova N. G.
Genetic Variability of Cracilaria verrucosa (Rhodophyta) Floating Forms in the Black Sea
Sycheva L. P., Zhurkov V. S.
Quantitative Estimation of the Mutagen Effect Modification in Experiments on Mammals Using a Regression Modification Index
Tanirbergenov T. B., Abilev S. K.
Salmonella typhimurium Strains Used to Study Environmental Mutagens
Tarasenko L. V., Gvilava M. N., Bannikova V. P.
Ultrastructural Reorganizations in Micro- and Megaspores of Angiosperms
Tarasyuk A. N.
Reduction of Homologous Pairing of Telomere Chromosome Arm Segments in Maize Meiosis as Affected by High Temperature
Tribrat T. P.
Estimation of Ecological Plasticity and Stability of Poultry Egg Crosses by Results of the European Tests
Vesmanova O. Ya., Semykina E. E., Koblov R. K., Ergashev A.-K.
Studies in the Cytogenetic Activity of the Butilcaptax Defoliant Transformation Product
Vinnichuk D. T., Gavrilenko V. P.
A Selection Index in the Dairy Cattle Estimation
Vishnyakova M. A., Zveinek S. N.
Interaction of Pollen and Pollen Tubes with a Pistil in Some Combinations of Barley Hybridization with Rye (Hordern vulgare L. × Secale cereale L.)
Volodin V. G., Lisovskaya Z. I., Kolosentseva N. V.
Radiosensitivity and Induced Variability of Barley Mutants
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.
Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Effects of the Alloplasmatic Wheat Line Resistance to Brown Rust Pathogene. Nuclear Effects of Resistance at Early Stages of Plants' Ontogenesis
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.
Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Effects of Alloplasmatic Wheat Line Resistance to Puccinia triticina Erikss. Effect of Cytoplasms of Wild Wheat Relatives on Development of Resistance to Puccinia triticina Erikss. at Early Ontogenetic Stages
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.
Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Effects of Alloplasmatic Wheat Lines Resistance to Puccinia triticina. Variability of Alloplasmatic Lines Resistance as Dependent on Inoculum Type and Seedling Age
Yurkova G. N., Sirant L. V., Trukhanov V. A.
Direct Regeneration of Plants from Mesophyll Cells of Plants
Zakharov I. A., Surikov I. M.
Genetists of Victims of Repressions ....
Zhirov E. G., Ternovskaya T. K.
Could a Competitor Be in Wheat Genome D?
Zolotukhin S. B., Zhivoloup A. N., Kroupskaya I. V., Woodmaska M. I., Paton E. B.
Application of Multicopious Plasmid pUC19 to Provide Constitutive Expression of Escherichia coli rplL Gene Expression