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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1989, v 23, Issue 2

Vishnyakova M. A., Zveinek S. N.Interaction of Pollen and Pollen Tubes with a Pistil in Some Combinations of Barley Hybridization with Rye (Hordern vulgare L. × Secale cereale L.) 3-8
Shchegelskaya E. A., Klimenko V. V.Phenotypic Sex Reversal in Germ Line Cells of Silkworm. Sex Reversal in Male Germ Line of Testes Implanted into Male Larvae 8-11
Lushnikova A. A.Concerning Caryology of Hordeum murinum L.11-16
Sedova K. S.Estimation of the Total Mutagenic Activity of the Industrial Environment at Ferrous Metallurgy Enterprises16-20
Steklenev E. P., Kozikova L. V.Peculiarities of Hybridization of Domestic Hen and Guinea Fowl and Structural-Functional Organization of Hybrid Chromosomes as Against Initial Species20-26
Bigaliev A. B., Erzhanov N. T.Studies in Chromosomes of Two Species of Gerboas (fam. Dipodidae) from Central Kasakhstan. Description of Caryotypes, Species Peculiarities, Localization of Nucleolar-Organizing Regions26-30
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Effects of Alloplasmatic Wheat Line Resistance to Puccinia triticina Erikss. Effect of Cytoplasms of Wild Wheat Relatives on Development of Resistance to Puccinia triticina Erikss. at Early Ontogenetic Stages30-34
Volodin V. G., Lisovskaya Z. I., Kolosentseva N. V.Radiosensitivity and Induced Variability of Barley Mutants34-39
Kondratenko N. V., Shevtsov I. A.Inheritance of the Plant Height, Mass of 1000 Fruits in the Sugar Beet Testes39-42
Tribrat T. P.Estimation of Ecological Plasticity and Stability of Poultry Egg Crosses by Results of the European Tests42-45
Sycheva L. P., Zhurkov V. S.Quantitative Estimation of the Mutagen Effect Modification in Experiments on Mammals Using a Regression Modification Index46-49
Shubin P. N., Efimtseva E. A.A Codominant Nature of Alleles of Locus E2 Controlling Synthesis of the Human Blood Serum Cholinesterase50-52
Shevchenko T. N., Timashova E. O., Fomin V. V., Telegeev G. D.Integration and Amplification of Plasmid DNA in the Bacillus subtilis Chromosome53-58
Vinnichuk D. T., Gavrilenko V. P.A Selection Index in the Dairy Cattle Estimation59-62
Kurilo L. F.Possibilities of the Cytogenetic Studies in Meiosis During Male Sterility63-70
Kurilo L. F., Mardanova G. V.A Review of the Book «Cytology of a Trophoblast» by E. V. Zybina71-72

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