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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1989, v 23, Issue 3

Belitser N. V., Anishchuk M. G., Pozdnyakova T. M., Gorkun O. VUltrastructural Changes of Thrombocytes During ADP-Stimulated Aggregation (in the Presence of Fibrinogen) 3-7
Tarasenko L. V., Gvilava M. N., Bannikova V. P.Ultrastructural Reorganizations in Micro- and Megaspores of Angiosperms 7-11
Popova A. F., Shnyukova E. I.An Ultrastructure of Plastids, Fractional Composition and Specific Activity of Amylases in Chlorella Cells under Conditions of Clinostatation11-15
Kharlamova N. G., Bardakhchyan E. A.Ultrastructural Changes in Alveolar Macrophages of Rats as Affected by Escherichia coli Endotoxin16-20
Guskov E. P., Dvorkina R. M., Belichenko N. I.Endogeneous Mechanisms for Protection of the Plant Meristema Cells from the Genotoxic Nature of Hyperbaric Oxygenation20-24
Pukhalsky V. A., Lapochkina I. F.The Effect of Aegilops speltoides Tausch. on the Character of Chromosome Pairing in Hybrids Obtained with Triticum aestivum L. Participation24-29
Savchenko V. I., Ivanov Yu. N., Budovsky N. F., Bratash A. N., Taran M. S.Male Sterility of Winter Wheat Plants under the Ethrel Effect29-35
Chopikashvili L. V., Bobyleva L. A., Zolotareva G. N.Genotoxic Effects of Heavy Metals and Their Salts in the Experiment on Drosophila and Mammalia35-38
Shiryaeva E. I., Yarmolyuk G. I., Kulik A. G., Chervyakova V. V.Apomixis in Self-Pollinated Lines of Sugar Beet and Its Application in Heterosis Breeding39-44
Zhirov E. G., Ternovskaya T. K.Could a Competitor Be in Wheat Genome D?45-48
Marunenko I. M., Kuchko A. A.Callusgenesis and Embryoidogenesis in the Culture of Potato Anthers48-51
Stolbova N. G.Genetic Variability of Cracilaria verrucosa (Rhodophyta) Floating Forms in the Black Sea52-57
Mozalevsky A. F., Yushchenko G. K., Dudina E. A.The Frequency of Phenotypes and Genes of the Polymorphic Blood Systems in a Population as Dependent on the Age Factor57-62
Mozhilevsky P. L.Significance of Genetic and Environmental Factors in Realization of the Hereditary Potential of Record-Holding Cows' Longevity62-67
Lvova T. S.Comparative Studies of the Recombinogenic Action of Some Pesticides on Yeasts in the Absence and Presence of Metabolic Activation68-70
Vesmanova O. Ya., Semykina E. E., Koblov R. K., Ergashev A.-K.Studies in the Cytogenetic Activity of the Butilcaptax Defoliant Transformation Product70-72

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