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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1989, v 23, Issue 5

Kozyritsky V. G.Ultrastructural Characteristic of Corticotropic Cells in the Rat Adenohypophysis 3-7
Tarasyuk A. N.Reduction of Homologous Pairing of Telomere Chromosome Arm Segments in Maize Meiosis as Affected by High Temperature 8-15
Aizatulina Kh. S., Yachevskaya G. L., Pereladova T. P.Studies in the Genome Structure of Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv.15-22
Badaeva E. D., Amosova A. V., Onoprienko V. S., Badaev N. S.Cytogenetic Studies of Triticum miguschovae and Its Parental Species22-26
Magulaev A. Yu.The Number of Middle Clover Chromosomes in Flora of the Crimea and Caucasus26-29
Gasparyan G. G., Grigoryan R. M.Peculiarities of Proliferation Stimulation of the Cultivated Chick Embryo Cells during Replanting30-34
Ismoilov M. I., Dragavtsev V. A., Bobodzhanov V. A.Combination of Ecological-Genetic Analysis of Triticale Productivity Traits with a Diallel Analysis34-38
Mglinets V. A., Remizova E. Yu., Vikulova V. K.Phenocopying Effect of Ether on Drosophila Embryos of mn d/SM5 Strain38-44
Podstreshny A. P., Kovalenko V. P., Khorunzhy I. V.Genetic Structure of Groups of Hens of Different Distribution Classes by Weight Characters44-48
Sidorova K. K., Stolyarova S. N., Safonova V. T., Khristolyubova N. B.Symbiotic Properties of Pea Mutants49-53
Anoshenko B. Yu., Davydenko O. G.Correlation Analysis of Productivity Elements and Ultrastructure of Cytoplasm Organelles in Alloplasmatic Wheat Lines54-59
Shcherbakova L. B., Beletsky Yu. D., Fedorenko G. M.Ultrastructure of Plastids of the Plastomic Sunflower Mutant Grown under Different Light Conditions59-60
Sharipov I. K., Vishnevskaya S. S., Mergembaeva Kh. S.Chromosome Aberrations in the Greenhouse Workers Contacting with Pesticides60-63
Klisenko M. A., Pilinskaya M. A.Mutagenic Activity and Structure of Pesticides64-68

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