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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2005

Agabeyli R.A., Gasimova T.E.Antimutagenic activity of Armoracia rusticana, Zea mays and Ficus carica plant extracts and their mixture[3]75-79
Belokurova V.B., Listvan E.V., Maystrov P.D., Szikura Y.Y., Gleba Yu.Yu., Kuchuk N.V.The use of plant biotechnology methods for conservation and study of the world flora biodiversity[1]41-51
Blankovskaya T.F., Trochinskaya T.G.Cytological markers of r-rna gene expression during microsporogenesis in rye, wheat and wheat-rye hybrids[2]22-26
Butenko V.L., Barylyak I.R., Stephanovich A.V.The characters of combined genetic screening of the first trimester of pregnancy after use of assisted reproductive technology programs[1]21-25
Dalivelya O.V., Savina N.V., Kuzhir T.D., Goncharova R.I.DNA-repair modulation using derivatives of 1,4-dihydroisonicotinic a˝id as an example[5]62-72
Demchuk O.N., Blume Ya.B.Construction of phylogenetic tree of plant tubulins basing on the homology of their protein sequences[2] 3-9
Demchuk O.N., Blume Ya.B.Phylogenetic tree of bacterial and eucaryotic FtsZ-proteins created according to the homology of their primary sequences[4] 3-12
Dmitriev O.P., Kravchuk Zh.M.Reactive oxygen species and plant immunity[4]64-74
Dosenko V.E., Lutay Ya.M., Zagoriy V.Yu., Parkhomenko A.N., Moibenko A.A.Frequencies of allelic polymorphism of endothelial no-synthase (enos) gene in patients with acute coronary syndrome in ukrainian population[2]49-54
Dosenko V.E., Mikhalchuk D., Zagoriy V.Yu., Parkhomenko A.N., Moibenko A.A.The frequency of allelic polymorphism of genes encoding immunoproteasome catalytic subunits in acute coronary syndrome patients[6]50-54
Efimenko V.G., Kozhukhova N.E., Sivilap Yu.M.Polymorphism of microsatellite dna and study of maize genetic resources[2]10-15
Evseeva T.I., Maystrenko T.A., Geraskin S.A., Belykh E.C., Kazakova E.V.Toxic and cytogenetic effects induced in Allium cepa with low concenrations of Cd and 232Th[5]73-80
Fedota A.M., Kozlov A.N.Investigation of the level of genetical safety of urban population[4]41-44
Galaev A.V., Sivolap Yu.M.Molecular-genetic analysis of wheat (t. aestivum l.) genome with introgression of ae. cylindrica host genetic elements[3]57-66
Goloenko I.M., Davydenko O.G.Disturbance of Mendelian segregation. Effects of cytoplasmic organelle genomes[1]71-81
Golovko A.E., Dovzhenko A.└., Gleba Yu.Yu.Genetic transformation of sugar beet: evolution of theoretical and experimental approaches[3]30-36
Guseynov M.B, Agabeyli R.A., Alekperov U.K.Modification of mutation processes in culture of human lymphocyte cells with tea extracts[2]55-58
Hryshchenko N.V., Kravchenko S.A., Livshits L.A.Polymorphic short tandem repeats for PCR-based diagnosis of the Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1A duplication in Ukraine[5]56-61
Kaidashev I.P., Rasin M.S., Savchenko L.G., Shlykova O.A., Yakimishina L.I.Polymorphism of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor in patients with essential hypertension in Ukrainian population[5]51-55
Kavsan V., Shostak K., Dmitrenko V., Zozulya Yu., Rozumenko V., Demotes-mainard J.Characterization of genes with increased expression in human glioblastomas[6]37-49
Kishchenko E.M., Komarnitskii I.K., Kuchuk N.V.Production of transgenic sugarbeet plants (Beta vulgaris L.) using Agrobacterium rhizogenes[1] 9-13
Kitsera N., Polishchuk R., Akopyan H., Markevych N., Kostyuchenko L, Trojanovska O., Skoropad L.Clinical analysis genealogical peculiarities in families with nijmegen breakage syndrome[2]72-78
Klimenko S.V., Misharina Zh.A., Abramenko I.V., Bilous N.I., Bebeshko V.G.Determination of BCR/ABL translocation in radiation-associated acute myeloid leukemia patients by fluorescence in situ hybridization[6]55-59
Koba V.P.Research of Pinus pithyusa Stev. pollen quality in natural stands of the south crimea[2]34-41
Komarnytskyy S.I.Molecular phylogeny of chloroplast DNA of Nicotiana species[4]13-19
Konov A.L., Velchev M., Parcel D.Plant genetic engineering in monsanto company: from the first laboratory experiments to worldwide practical use[3] 3-12
Korshikov I.I., Mudrik E.A., Terlyga N.C.Analysis of genetic variability of seed embryos in trees characterized by different seed productivity in crimean population of Pinus pallasiana D. Don[2]27-33
Kovalenko O.╬., Kostetsky I.E., Lukash L.L.The influence of albumin on the spontaneous mutations frequency in somatic mammalian cells in vitro[4]53-56
Kovaleva N.V., Ivanov I.A.Monozygous female twins discordant for a pattern of X chromosome inactivation as a model for study on X-linked intellectual traits[6]66-70
Kozhukhova N.E., Varenik B.F., Sivolap Yu.M.Predictive potential of DNA markers in heterosis breeding of maize[1]14-20
Kozub N.O., Sozinov I.O., Koluchiy V.T., Vlasenko V.A., Sobko T.O., Sozinov O.O.Identification of 1AL/1RS translocation in winter common wheat varieties of Ukrainian breeding[4]20-24
Kuzemensky A.V.Characteristics of non-allelic interaction of genes gf and B in tomato[5]13-19
Kyryachenko S.S., Kozeretska I.A., Rakusa-Suszczewski S.The genetic and molecular biological enigma of Deschampsia antarctica in Antarctica[4]75-80
Limanskii A.Oversupercoiling and compactization of supercoiled DNA[2]64-71
Livshitz G.B., Kravchenko S.A., Grishchenko N.V., Sudoma I.A.The use of dna analysis for hereditary premature ovarian failure diagnostics[2]59-63
Losinska M.R., Maslyak Z.V., Lukavetsky L.M., Tsjapka O.M., Losinsky R.Yu.Prognostic significance of additional chromosomal abnormalities in Ph+ bone marrow cells in the course of chronic myeloid leukemia[1]26-33
Matveeva N., Shahovsky A., Kuchuk N.Kuchuk N. Stable transformation of Solanum rickii chloroplast DNA[5] 3-8
Matveeva N.A., Momot V.P., Shakhovsky A.M., Kuchuk N.V.Regeneration of cybrid Lycopersicon peruvianum × (Solanum rickii) plants with genetically transformed chloroplasts[6] 3-8
Maznyk N.A., Vinnikov V.A.Possibilities and limitations of fluorescence in situ hybridization technique in retrospective detection of low dose radiation exposure in post-Chernobyl human cohorts[4]25-31
Mezhzherin S.V., Fedorenko L.V.Genetic variation of danube population of Alosa pontica pontica (Eihwald, 1838), (clupeiformes, alosinae): the analysis of biochemical gene markers[2]42-48
Mezhzherin S.V., Fedorenko L.V.Genetic structure of the spawning population of Danube shad, Alosa pontica, Eichwaldt 1838 (Clupeiformes, Alosiinae)[5]35-40
Miryuta A.Yu., Pererva T.P., Mozhilevska L.P., Kunakh V.A.The influence of the extract of Ungernia victoris cultured cells and of some metal cations on Escherichia coli transformation with plasmid DNA[6]24-29
Morgun B.V., Deshmukh S., Stepanyuk V., Pasternak T., Lukacs N.Site-specific expression of single-stranded antibody fragments in Nicotiana tabacum[3]43-49
Nifantova S.N., Simonenko Yu.V., Komarnitsky I.K., Kuchuk N.V.Production of transgenic pea (pisum sativum l.) plants resistant to pursuit herbicide[2]16-21
Ovcharenko O.O., Komarnitsky I.K., Cherep M.N., Gleba Yu.Yu., Kuchuk N.V.Creation and analysis of Brassica napus + Arabidopsis thaliana somatic hybrids possessing maize spm/dspm heterologous transposable system[3]50-56
Pakhomov A.V., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.omparative analysis of embryogenic potential of soybean cultivars zoned in different ecoľgeographic world regions[5]20-27
Pilinskaya M.A., Dibskiy S.S., Dibskaya Ye.B., Pedan L.R.Chromosome instability revealed in children of parents irradiated during Chernobyl accident[4]32-40
Popov V.N., Yushkina L.L., Sharypina Ya.Yu., Kirichenko V.V.Genotype peculiarities of crossability of cultivated sunflower with wild species and the use of embryo culture in interspecific hybridization[1] 3-8
Radchuk V.V., Blume Ya. B.Achievements and problems of genetic engineering of crucifereceae plants[3]13-29
Radish V., Stupnitska S., Kucherenko M., Plakhta O., Makarenko O., Gasul E., Maksymiv D., Chernik Ya.The influence of Adement preparation and its low-molecular fractions on development of neurodegenerative processes in Drosophila melanogaster mutants[4]45-52
Revega O.M., Fitel ═.╠., Bodnarl.S., Kozub Yu.B.Expediency of the use of natural sorbents for mutagenicity removal from liquid fluorine-organic waste products of monomer FC-141 manufacture[1]34-40
Sergienko I.V., Gupal A.M., Vagis A.A.Complementary principles of bases recoding along one chain of DNA[6]71-75
Sidor L.S., Orlov P.A.Regeneration potential of different wheat, rye and barley species in leaf explant culture[5]28-34
Sindarovska Y.R., Gerasymenko I.M., Sheludko Y.V., Komarnytskyy I.K., Bannikova M.A., Kuchuk N.V.Transgenic plants regenerated from hairy roots of Nicotiana benthamiana: a promising host for transient expression of foreign proteins[6] 9-14
Sobol M.A., Kordyum E.L., Gonsales-kamacho F., Rodrigues-vilarigno V., Medina F.H.Altered gravity affects subnucleolus localization of fibrillarin and NopA64, the most important proteins of rRNA processing[1]52-62
Solodenko A.E., Sanalati A.V., Tolmachev V.V., Vedmedeva K.B., Sivolap Yu.M.Development of DNA-marker to sunflower broomrape resistance gene Or 3[5] 9-12
Stelmakh O.A., Kravets E.A., Yemets A.I., Blume YÓ.B.Analysis of reproductive development of mutant Nicotiana sylvestris plants resistant to isopropyl-N-phenylcarbamate[6]15-23
Thomas E., Nickson Ph.D.Environmental Release of Living Modified Organisms: current approaches and case studies[3]37-42
Tryapitzyna N.V., Glazko V.I.Polymorphism of DNA fragments flancked by microsatellite loci (ISSR-PCR) in cattle reproduced under low dose irradiation conditions[5]41-50
Tuganova T.N., Bolgova L.S., Alekseenko O.I., Makhortova M.G.Qualitative and structural peculiarities of manifestation of nucleoli-forming chromosome regions[4]57-63
Vdovychenko Zh.V., Antonyuk M.Z., Ternovskaya T.K.Genetic Analysis of the T. aestivum/Ae. sharonensis Introgressive Lines of Common Wheat for Resistance to Powdery Mildew[3]67-74
Vinogradova S.V.The role of ACE gene I/D polymorphism in development of metabolic disorders in patients with cardiovascular pathology[1]63-70
Vorsanova S.G., Iourov I.Y., Beresheva A.K., Demidova I.A., Monakhov V.V., Kravets V.S., Bartseva O.B., Goyko E.A., Soloviev I.V., Yurov Y.B.Non-disjunction of chromosome 21, alphoid DNA variation, and sociogenetic features of Down syndrome[6]30-36
Yalovenko O.I., Ostanina N.V., Dugan O.M.Colouring balms in a system of testing of their potential mutagenic action in genetically modified microorganisms[6]60-65

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