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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2005, v 39, Issue 3

Konov A.L., Velchev M., Parcel D.Plant genetic engineering in monsanto company: from the first laboratory experiments to worldwide practical use 3-12
Radchuk V.V., Blume Ya. B.Achievements and problems of genetic engineering of crucifereceae plants13-29
Golovko A.E., Dovzhenko A.., Gleba Yu.Yu.Genetic transformation of sugar beet: evolution of theoretical and experimental approaches30-36
Thomas E., Nickson Ph.D.Environmental Release of Living Modified Organisms: current approaches and case studies37-42
Morgun B.V., Deshmukh S., Stepanyuk V., Pasternak T., Lukacs N.Site-specific expression of single-stranded antibody fragments in Nicotiana tabacum43-49
Ovcharenko O.O., Komarnitsky I.K., Cherep M.N., Gleba Yu.Yu., Kuchuk N.V.Creation and analysis of Brassica napus + Arabidopsis thaliana somatic hybrids possessing maize spm/dspm heterologous transposable system50-56
Galaev A.V., Sivolap Yu.M.Molecular-genetic analysis of wheat (t. aestivum l.) genome with introgression of ae. cylindrica host genetic elements57-66
Vdovychenko Zh.V., Antonyuk M.Z., Ternovskaya T.K.Genetic Analysis of the T. aestivum/Ae. sharonensis Introgressive Lines of Common Wheat for Resistance to Powdery Mildew67-74
Agabeyli R.A., Gasimova T.E.Antimutagenic activity of Armoracia rusticana, Zea mays and Ficus carica plant extracts and their mixture75-79

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