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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2015, v 49, Issue 1

Isayenkov S., Maathuis F.J.M.The gene expression of rice vacuolar tpk channels restore potassium uptake in E. coli mutant straine LB2003 3-9
Palchevska O.L., Balatskii V.V., Andrejeva A.O., ╠Ócewicz L.L., Piven ╬.╬., Lukash L.L.Studying of canonical Wnt-signaling in animals of different ageing groups under cardiospecific embryonic ablation of β-catenin10-17
Galaev A.V., Sivolap Yu.M.Characterization of the common wheat varieties of ukrainian and russian breeding by alleles of csLV34 locus closely linked with Lr34/Yr18/Pm38 multi-pathogen resistance gene18-25
Leonov Y., Shkumat M., Klymenko P., Hovorun M., Guzyk M., Kuchmerovska T., Pishel I.Effect of expression of IGF-1 gene on skin wound healing in K14/miGF-1 transgenic mice with streptozotocin-induced diabetes26-34
Boiko S.M.Allozyme polymorphism in mono- and dikaryotic cultures of fungus Schizophyllum commune Fr. (Basidiomycetes)35-39
Titok V.V., Vakula S.I., Leontiev V.N., Lugin V.G.Structural and qualitative analysis of the phytin accumulation in the mature flax seeds40-44
AMMAR-KHODJA F., ABDELLALI M.Exclusion of chromosomal abnormalities and microdeletions 22q11 and 10p13 in igerian patients with isolated conotruncal malformation45-51
Losovska Yu.Vanaleskina., L., Lukyanova N.Yu., Todor I.M., Chekhun V.F.Rating geno-and cytotoxic action of colloidal gold nanoparticles on the erythroid cells of the bone marrow and tumors in animals with ascitic Ehrlich carcinoma52-60
Nedukha ╬.M.Callose: localization, functions and synthesis in plant cells61-70
Muterko A.F., Balashova I.A., Fayt V.I., Sivolap Yu.M.Molecular-genetic mechanisms regulation of growth habit in wheat71-86

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