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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2003, v 37, Issue 4

Nesina ≤.P., Zavelevich M.P., Filíchenkov A.A., Polishchuck L.Z., Smirnova ≤.ņ.Chromosomal abnormalities in namalwa lymphoma cell line induced by inhibitors of DNA replication and synthesis 3-9
Voitovich A.M., Afonin V.Yu., Krupnova E.V., Rusova V.D., Dromashko E.S.The level of aberrant cells in various tissues of bank vole depending on doses and radionuclide balance in organism10-15
Vagyn Yu.V.Vagyn Yu.V. The effect of Aleutian gene on mink (Mustela vison) growth16-19
Kutsokon N.K., Bezrukov V.F., Lazarenko L.M., Rashidov N.M., Grodzinsky D.M.The number of aberrations on aberrant cell as a parameter of chromosome instability20-25
Miheev O.M., Gushcha M.I., Shilina Yu.V.The radioadaptive action of cadmium ions on pea seedlings26-32
Berezovska O.P., Podolich O.V., Sidorenko A.P.Detection of intrapopulation genetic variation of leptinotarsa decemlineata (say) using issr-markers and phenoforms33-39
Sobol M.A.The impact of altered gravitation on the fibrillarin quantity and localization in nucleolus of cress root meristem40-45
Koval S.F., Koval V.S., Tymchuk S.M., Boguslavski R.L.Genetic collections: the problems of formation, conservation and use46-53
Mukhin V.N., Khomyakov K.A.Phenogenetics of the descendants and their ancestors54-56
Dubrovnaja O.V., Ljal`ko I.I., Pariy F.N.Genetic control of morphological characters in beet (Beta vulgaris L.)57-72
Kuzemenski A.V.The aspects of evolutional formation of cultivated tomato forms and the peculiarities of its taxonomic conceptions73-79

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