TSitologiya i Genetika, 2017, no. 2

Blume Ya.B.
Double helix of the journal «Сytology and genetics»: fity years later
Giritch A., Klimyuk V., Gleba Y.
125 years of virology and ascentof biotechnologies based on viral expression
Kuchuk N.
Cell genetic engineering – transmission genetics of plants
Kordium E.L., Chapman D.K.
Plants and microgravity: patterns of microgravity effects at the cellular and molecular levels
Kozub N.A., Sozinov I.A., Karelov A.V., Blume Ya.B., Sozinov A.A.
Diversity of ukrainian winter common wheat varieties with respect to storage protein loci and molecular markers for disease resistance genes
Fedak G., Cao W., Wolfe D., Chi D., Xue A.
Molecular characterization of Fusarium resistance from Elymus repens introgressed into bread wheat
Yastreb T.O., Karpets Yu.V., Kolupaev Yu.E., Dmitriev A.P.
Induction of salt resistance of arabidopsis salicylatedeficient transformants NahG by influence of nitric oxide donor
Yang W.F., Tian Y.H., Wang T.T., Wang R.N., Tao Y.S.
Isolating and confirming the Mudr­inserted flanking sequences of maize