TSitologiya i Genetika 2014, vol. 48, no. 6, 62-80
Cytology and Genetics , vol. , no. , , doi: https://www.doi.org/

Micronucleus test of human oral buccal epithelium: problems, progress and prospects

Kalaev V., Artyukhov V., Nechaeva лю.

The articles by russian and foreign authors for the period from 2000 to 2012, devoted to the problems of application, analysis and interpretation of the results of micronucleus test in human buccal epithelium has been analyzed in the review. Nuclear abnormality founding in the cells of the oral mucosa has been described. The paper summarizes works devoted to the analysis of the influence of the micronucleus test methods (painting, taking scrapings) to its results. Modern opinions about the factors of different etiology (sex, age, genotype, psycho-physiological characteristics, immune status, diseases of different etiology, man-made pollution, climatic and geographical conditions, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, chemical compounds (drugs, dietary supplements, androgenic steroids, etc.), dental fillings, occupational exposures, alcohol, using tobacco blends) inducing the estimation of nuclear aberration has been summarized as a scheme. The problems and unresolved issues related to the peculiarities of micronucleus test has been noted.


TSitologiya i Genetika
2014, vol. 48, no. 6, 62-80

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Cytology and Genetics
, vol. , no. , ,

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