TSitologiya i Genetika, 2010, no. 2

Salmine and the homeotic integrity of early embryos of Norway spruce
Effect of 2,4-D and Isoproturon on chromosomal disturbances during mitotic division in root tip cells of Triticum aestivum L.
Popova A., Ivanenko G.
Structural and cytochemical aspects of Brassica rapa embryogenesis under clinorotation
Goryslavets S., Risovanna V., Bacilieri R., Hausman J.-F., Heuertz M.
A parentage study of closely related Ukrainian wine grape varieties using microsatellite markers
Belinskaya E.V.
Genotypic peculiarities of morphogenesis in barley in vitro anther culture
Herbeck Yu.E., Oskina I.N., Gulevich R.G., Plyusnina I.Z.
Effects of maternal methyl-supplemented diet on hippocampal glucocorticoid receptor mRNA expression in rats selected for behavior
Lisovyy A.O., Dosenko V.E., Parkhomenko A.N., Moibenko A.A.
The frequency of CYP2J2 G–50 → T polymorphism in acute coronary syndrome patients
Pilinskaya M.A., Dybskiy S.S., Dybskaya Ye.B., Pedan L.R.
Radiation induced modification of human somatic cells chromosomes sensitivity to the testing mutagenic exposure of bleomycin
Vergolyas M.R., Veyalkina N.N., Goncharuk V.V.
Influence of copper ions on hematological and cytogenetics parameters of fresh-water fishes Carassius auratus gibelio