TSitologiya i Genetika, 2004, no. 1

Stefanovich A.V., Chervjakova E.V., Shemetun E.V., Butenko V.L., Talan O.A., Bariljak I.R.
Cytogenetic investigation of somatic cells and morpho-functional characteristics of oocytes in women with abnormalities of reproductive function
Yarmolinsky D., Kartel N., Ermak G., Demidchik Yu., Figge J.
Study of Hras1 minisatellite frequencies among children with thyroid papillary cancer
Shemetun O.V., Talan O.O., Pilinska M.A.
The frequency of chromosome aberrations in childern with chronic thyroiditis born before and after Chernobyl accident
Petrushko M.P., Grishchenko V.I., Erogova N.N., Pinyaev V.I.
Morphofunctional and cytogenetic characteristics of tripronuclear human zygotes in extracorporal fertilization programme
Tavokina L.V., Vorsanova S.G., Zukin V.D., Sopko N.I., Zinchenko V.M., Veselovskiy V.V., Bychkova A.M., Nikitchina T.V., Yurov Yu.B.
Description of the case of deletion of the short arm of the chromosome 21 (21p-)(christchurch chromosome) discovered prenatally: clinical and cytogenetical data
Chernenko V.Yu., Lukash L.L., Mazevich L.L., Kochubey T.P., Еlesiсhеv А.А, Klimenko E.A., Gorban L.N.
Application of DNA microelectrophoresis for estimation of genotoxic effects of mutagens in the culture of human haemopoietic cells
Mezhzherin S.V., Lisetskaya T.Yu.
Structure of the spined loache Cobitis s. l. species complex of the Severskiy Donetz river
Domenyuk V.P., Beloussov A.O., Sivolap Yu.M.
The effectiveness of selection for DNA-markers of quantitative trait loci in maize populations
Pakhomov A.V., Yemets A.I., Hu C-Y., Blume Y.B.
Evaluation of embryogenic potential of soybean cultivars zoned in forest-steppe and marshy woodlands of Ukraine as essential stage for the further transformation
Kutsokon N.K., Lazarenko L.M., Bezrukov V.F., Rashidov N.M., Grodzinsky D.M.
Number of Aberrations per Aberrant Cell as a Parameter of Chromosome Instability. 2. Comparative Analysis of Effects Induced by Different Mutagenes genetic
Tordiya N.V., Grodzinsky D.M.
Study of the rate of cytolasm streaming as cytophysiological method in radiobiological experiment
Barylyak I.R., Demina E.A.
Biological indication and dosymetry of unstable chromosome aberration frequencies in human lymphocytes