TSitologiya i Genetika, 2001, no. 5

Brick A. F., Sivolap Yu. M.
Molecular-Genetic Polymorphism of Cultivated Soybean Detected by AP-PCR, SSRP, and ISSR
Krinichnaya N. V.
Experimental Testing of the Method of Partitioning of Segregating Populations on Component Genotypes
Ibraimova Zh. K., Tankimanova M. K., Bersimbaev R. I.
Chromosome Localization of a Gametocidal Gene in a Wheat Line
Poperelya F. A., Mozharenko M. N.
Genetic Classification of Hordeins by Means of PAAG Electrophoresis
Simchuk A. P.
Frequency-Dependent Sexual Selection in a Natural Population of Oak Leafroller Moth (Tortrix viridana L.)
Kravchenko S. A., Pampukha V. M., Ekshiyan O. Yu., Nechiporenko M. V., Livshits L. A.
Allele Polymorphism of Micro- and Mini-Satellite Loci in Population of Different Regions of Ukraine
Ryabenko V. V., Nozhinova O. A., Kaidashev I. P.
A Role of Peptide Complexes from Kidney and Thymus in the Regulation of Apoptosis in Lymphoid Cells
Gomolyako I. V., Tumasova K. P.
Ultrastructural and Morphometric Characteristics of Neutrophilic Granulocytes of Blood
Kobets T.V., Usachenko I.E.
Risk factors of complicated neonatal period course in children with low body mass in birth.
Mukhin V.N., Moskalenko V.Z., Grona V.N., Sopov G.A., Linchevskiy G.L.
Population prevalence of congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in Donetsk region of Ukraine
Grishchenko E. I., Blume Ya. B.
Peculiarities of Embriogenic Development in vitro of Brassica napus Pollen Grains
Kozub N. A., Sozinov I. A., Sozinov A. A.
Conjugacy of the 1BL/1RS Translocation with Qualitative and Quantitative Traits in Common Wheat T. aestivum