TSitologiya i Genetika, 2000, no. 5

Shemetun G.M., Pilins’ka M.A., Ieremieieva M.M.
Comparison of the possibilities of micronuclear and chromosomal aberration tests for evaluation of the effects of radiation of different intensities
Chekhun V.F., Ganina K.P., Kulik G.I., Solianik G.I., Kunskaia L.N., Gushchenko N.N.
Influence of tumor drug resistance phenotype on the dynamics of cisplatin-induced changes of rat peripheral lymphocyte chromatin structure in Guerin’s carcinoma
Livshits L.A., Pampukha V.N., Kravchenko S.A.
Distribution of the 32 base pair deletion of the CCR5 chemokine receptor gene in different regions of Ukraine
Mukhtarov Z.Ia., Alieva K.A., Rasulov Ie.M.
Population genetics research in the Lerik region of Azerbaijan
Nazarova A.F., Alkhutov S.M.
Phylogeny of Finnish-Ugric populations
Chal’ik S.T.
Creation of maize lines inducing maternal haploids with high frequency
Suvorova E.Iu., Cherednichenko V.N., Semenov V.I.
Development of Triticale and soft wheat forms with substituted wheat and rye chromosomes
Grigorenko N.V., Larchenko E.A.
Mutagenic effect of the herbicide Titus in maize
Pirko Ia.V.
Genetic diversity of isoenzymes in mountain pine (Pinus mugo Turra) in natural populations in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains
Artiukh V.P., Bariliak I.R., Starodub N.F.
Morpho-functional characteristics of hemoglobinopathies
Antoniak G.L., Ignatenko Iu.V., Babich N.O., Snitinskii V.V.
Structure and function of thyroid hormone receptors