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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2000, v 34, Issue 5

Shemetun G.M., Pilins’ka M.A., Ieremieieva M.M.Comparison of the possibilities of micronuclear and chromosomal aberration tests for evaluation of the effects of radiation of different intensities 3-10
Chekhun V.F., Ganina K.P., Kulik G.I., Solianik G.I., Kunskaia L.N., Gushchenko N.N.Influence of tumor drug resistance phenotype on the dynamics of cisplatin-induced changes of rat peripheral lymphocyte chromatin structure in Guerin’s carcinoma11-17
Livshits L.A., Pampukha V.N., Kravchenko S.A.Distribution of the 32 base pair deletion of the CCR5 chemokine receptor gene in different regions of Ukraine18-21
Mukhtarov Z.Ia., Alieva K.A., Rasulov Ie.M.Population genetics research in the Lerik region of Azerbaijan22-29
Nazarova A.F., Alkhutov S.M.Phylogeny of Finnish-Ugric populations30-36
Chal’ik S.T.Creation of maize lines inducing maternal haploids with high frequency37-41
Suvorova E.Iu., Cherednichenko V.N., Semenov V.I.Development of Triticale and soft wheat forms with substituted wheat and rye chromosomes42-49
Grigorenko N.V., Larchenko E.A.Mutagenic effect of the herbicide Titus in maize50-54
Pirko Ia.V.Genetic diversity of isoenzymes in mountain pine (Pinus mugo Turra) in natural populations in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains55-60
Artiukh V.P., Bariliak I.R., Starodub N.F.Morpho-functional characteristics of hemoglobinopathies61-66
Antoniak G.L., Ignatenko Iu.V., Babich N.O., Snitinskii V.V.Structure and function of thyroid hormone receptors67-80

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