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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1999, v 33, Issue 6

Bezrukov V.F.The coupled variability of quantitative and qualitative traits: a single-locus 3-allele model 3-8
Frolov A.K., Shifrin G.A., Fedotov E.R., Gritsaenko Iu.M.The luminescence of blood leukocytes, stained with the fluorochrome acridine orange, from surgical patients in the dynamics of emotional, anesthesiological and surgical stress14-19
Duhan O.M., Baryliak I.R., Nester T.I., Dvornyk A.S., Kunakh V.A.The antimutagenic activity of biomass extracts from the cultured cells of medicinal plants in the Ames test19-25
Glazko V.I., Dyman’ T.N., Tarasiuk S.I., Dubin A.V.The polymorphism of proteins, RAPD-PCR and ISSR-PCR markers in European and American bison and cattle30-39
Pilinskaia M.A., Dybskiy S.S., Red’ko D.V.The cytogenetic effect in a group of settlers from a 30-kilometer area of right of way39-44
Ganina K.P., Boroday N.V., Petunin Iu.I., Kliushin D.A., Pilipenko V.N.Tumor-associated changes in the buccal epithelium in human breast and thyroid pathology45-52

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