TSitologiya i Genetika, 1999

Arbuzova S.B., Fedotova O.O., Malova S.A., Krasnov A.V.
The use of oxidant-antioxidant system indices in forming groups at high genetic risk
Basovskiy D.N.
The effect of partial dissection of the zona pellucida on the fertilization of bovine oocytes in vitro and on the subsequent development of the embryos outside the body
Berezovskaia O.P.
The characteristics of osteoclast localization in the bones of the extremities of the crested salamander Pleurodeles waltlii
Bezrukov V.F.
The coupled variability of quantitative and qualitative traits: a single-locus 3-allele model
Bychkova A.M., Maliarchuk S.G., Livshits L.A.
A clinical and molecular genetic analysis of the fragile X syndrome
Duhan O.M., Baryliak I.R., Nester T.I., Dvornyk A.S., Kunakh V.A.
The antimutagenic activity of biomass extracts from the cultured cells of medicinal plants in the Ames test
Ekshiian A.Iu., Livshits L.A.
An analysis of chimeric SMN genes--new possibilities in the study of the molecular genetic nature of mutations and in the diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
Frolov A.K., Shifrin G.A., Fedotov E.R., Gritsaenko Iu.M.
The luminescence of blood leukocytes, stained with the fluorochrome acridine orange, from surgical patients in the dynamics of emotional, anesthesiological and surgical stress
Ganina K.P., Boroday N.V., Petunin Iu.I., Kliushin D.A., Pilipenko V.N.
Tumor-associated changes in the buccal epithelium in human breast and thyroid pathology
Ganina K.P., Fedorenko Z.P., Kolesnik Ia.F., Glushchenko N.N.
Corpus uteri cancer morbidity and a genetic-mathematical analysis of the proband’s pedigrees
Glazko G.V., Rogozin I.B., Sozinov A.A.
The mutational spectra of gene p53 in different types of tumors
Glazko V.I., Dyman’ T.N., Tarasiuk S.I., Dubin A.V.
The polymorphism of proteins, RAPD-PCR and ISSR-PCR markers in European and American bison and cattle
Glazko V.I., Kushnir A.V.
The genetic structure of Kulunda sheep
Glazkov M.V.
Chromosome association with the nuclear membrane and the orderliness of the spatial organization of the genetic material in the interphase nucleus
Karpova I.S., Pidpala O.V., Lukash L.L.
The DNA of recombinant plasmids acquires mutagenic activity in a Bacillus subtilis culture after the insertion of the human genome Alu repeat
Kayriak O.V., Lisovskaia N.Iu., Semikoz N.G.
The frequency of spontaneous apoptosis in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of tumor carriers as a criterion in the prognosis of the efficacy of special treatment
Kondakov I.K.
The role of the blood monocytes in atherogenesis
Kovalenko T.A., Lakiza O.V., Stefanovych H.V., Baryliak I.R.
The effect of different doses of gonadotropins on the quantitative, morphological and cytogenetic characteristics of oocytes from CBA mice
Marzais B., Vorsanova S.G., Roizes G., Yurov Y.B.
Analysis of alphoid DNA variation and kinetochore size in human chromosome 21: evidence against pathological significance of alphoid satellite DNA diminutions
Mukhin V.N.
Gene frequencies and heterozygosity of the population of Donetsk Province, Ukraine by the alleles of the ABO and Rhesus systems
Obukhan K.I.
The cytoradiography of the DNA and proteins in different types pf cells after the irradiation of rats with decimeter waves
Pilinskaia M.A., Dybskiy S.S., Red’ko D.V.
The cytogenetic effect in a group of settlers from a 30-kilometer area of right of way
Pisarchik A.V., Kartel’ N.A., Ermak G.Z., Figge J.
CD44 gene expression in cancerous thyroid cells
Rymar’ S.E., Isakova I.A., Kirilenko S.D., Kordium V.A.
The construction and use of inosine-containing primers for searching for and identifying the genes of insecticidal crystal proteins in Bacillus thuringiensis
Segeda T.P., Poliakova V.A., Tereshchenko V.P.
The ultrastructural characteristics of the bronchial mucosa in chronic inflammation in participants in the cleanup of the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station
Shcherbata H.R., Maksymiv D.V., Chernyk Ia.I.
Gene instability induced by mobile genetic elements in Drosophila melanogaster
Shkorbatov Iu.G., Shakhbazov V.G., Gorenskaia O.V, Dmitruk T.V., Montvid P.Iu.
Changes in the function of the nucleus and chromatin of human cells under the action of hormonal factors in vitro
Terpyliak O.I.
The characteristics of the distribution of HLA antigens in the families of children with aneuploid chromosomal pathology