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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1998, v 32, Issue 5

Bolgova L.S.Nucleolar organizers in the cells of different histological types of lung cancer 3-9
Maliarchuk B.A.The variability of mitochondrial DNA in eastern Slavs10-16
Gubenko I.S., Subbota R.P., Kozereretskaia I.A., Vagin Iu.V.The Delta locus in Drosophila virilis: alleles, wing phenotypes and genetic interactions22-34
Sorochinskiy B.V.The characteristics of the protein composition of the anomalous needles of spruce (Picea abies) and pine (Pinus silvestris) from the 10-kilometer zone of the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station35-40
Stolpovskiy Iu.A., Glazko V.I., Oblap R.V., Kushnir V.A.The phenotypic and genetic structure of the Ukrainian Grey breed of cattle54-66
Fedorova E.V., Rogozin I.B., Ptitsyn A.A., Cheriaukene O.V., Kaftanovskaia E.M.The isolation and analysis of the highly repetitive DNA from the argali67-74
Arbuzova S.B., Nikolenko M.I., Khlevnaia L.A., Fedotova O.O., Solov’eva V.D., Malova S.A., Krasnov A.V.The biochemical marker dynamics of the maternal serum in different chromosomal disorders of the fetus75-79
Glazko V.I., Domanskiy N.N., Sozinov A.A.Current trends in the use of DNA technologies80-93
Gershenzon S.M.Do viruses participate in the origin of group outbursts of gene mutations occurring in natural Drosophila populations?94-102

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