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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 1990, v 24, Issue 4

Solovieva L. V.The Number of Chloroplasts in Closing Cells of Stomas as an Index of the Ploidy Level in Apple Seedlings 3-5
Golovina M. E., Chernyshova N. A., Chebotarev A. N.Quantitative Estimation of Changes in Proliferation of Human Lymphocyte Culture After Treatment with Mutagens at G0 Stage 5-8
Chugunkova T. V., Davidenko N. S., Shevtsov I. A.Nonuniformal Decrease of Sugar Beet Chromosomes During Mitosis 9-11
Tivari Sh., Kolumbaeva S., Rakhimbaev I.Cytogenetic Heterogeneity of Androgenic Barley Calli12-15
Zhirov E. G., Ternovskaya T. K., Bessarab K. S.Mixing of Genomes in Triticeae Tribe. Genome D of Common Wheat and Genomes of Agropyron glaucum 15-19
Martirosyan S. N., Mikaelyan S. G., Beglaryan N. P., Bagdasaryan A. M.Comparative Cytogenetic Analysis of Gibberellin and Solid Green Action on Tobacco in M1 and M219-23
Babaev M. Sh., Zoz N. N., Rusina I. F., Morozova I. S., Dorofeev A. N., Lapteva K. I., Laptev A. B., Stom D. I.Antimutagenic Effect of Certain Natural Preparations23-27
Novozhilov O. V., Levenko B. A.Production of Cell Lines of Alfalfa Resistant to Thiazolidine Carboxylic Acid28-31
Sych Z. D., Sych I. M.Informative Value of Watermelon Characters under Conditions of the Northern Steppe of the Ukraine32-36
Ralko V. P.Effect of Triticum timopheevi Zhuk. Cytoplasm on Quantitative Characters of Wheat Hybrids of the First Generation36-40
Pavlova N. A.Effect of the Environmental Factors on the Expression of Such Characters as «Absence of Waxy Coating» and «Violet Grain» in Spring Wheat Plants40-43
Demina E. A., Chernichenko V. A., Chebotarev E. E., Gulko G. M.Cytogenetic Effects of 22 MeV of Neutrons43-46
Pomerantseva M. D., Testov B. V., Ramaia L. K., Shevchenko V. A., Chekhovich A. V.Genetic Disturbances in Laboratory Mice Exposed in the Chernobyl APP Area46-50
Yaremenko V. I.Age and Genotypic Variability of Blood Serum Enzymes in Pigs Bred in Industrial Complex50-57
Belostosky D. A., Kolchinsky A. M., Ananiev E. V.Genome Organization and Localization of HvRT-Family of Repetitive Barley DNA Sequences on Chromosomes57-61
Bebyakin V. M., Krupnova O. V.Genotypic Stipulation of SDS-Index in Spring Common Wheat61-65
Ganina K. P., Boiko Yu. V.Application of DNA Acid Hydrolysis Curves to Reveal DNA Tumour Cell Profile Characteristics66-74
Golda D. M.F. G. Dobrzhansky (on the 90th Anniversary of His Birth)75-76

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