TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989, no. 6

Atramentova L. A., Prikhodko E. A., Shakhbazov V. G.
Structure of Marriages and Human Resistance to Alcoholism
Zolotukhin S. B., Zhivoloup A. N., Kroupskaya I. V., Woodmaska M. I., Paton E. B.
Application of Multicopious Plasmid pUC19 to Provide Constitutive Expression of Escherichia coli rplL Gene Expression
Soldatov P. K., Davronov I. D.
Soya Glycine max L. as a Test-Object to Study Mutagenicity of Pesticides
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.
Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Effects of Alloplasmatic Wheat Lines Resistance to Puccinia triticina. Variability of Alloplasmatic Lines Resistance as Dependent on Inoculum Type and Seedling Age
Netsvetaev V. P., Krestinkov I. S.
Isoenzyme Composition of Grain Superoxide Dismutase and Productivity of Spring Barley Plants
Bulavka N. V.
Inheritance of the Vernalization Period Duration in Different Varieties of Winter Bread Wheat
Babayan R. S., Gasparyan A. M., Mkrtchyan A. T.
On the Genetic Nature of Induced Variegation (Chimaerity) of Barley in M1
Ilina E. G., Lazyuk G. I.
A New Observation of the "Double Hypophysis-Multiple Malformations" Complex
Tanirbergenov T. B., Abilev S. K.
Salmonella typhimurium Strains Used to Study Environmental Mutagens
Zakharov I. A., Surikov I. M.
Genetists of Victims of Repressions ....