TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989, no. 5

Kozyritsky V. G.
Ultrastructural Characteristic of Corticotropic Cells in the Rat Adenohypophysis
Tarasyuk A. N.
Reduction of Homologous Pairing of Telomere Chromosome Arm Segments in Maize Meiosis as Affected by High Temperature
Aizatulina Kh. S., Yachevskaya G. L., Pereladova T. P.
Studies in the Genome Structure of Agropyron intermedium (Host) Beauv.
Badaeva E. D., Amosova A. V., Onoprienko V. S., Badaev N. S.
Cytogenetic Studies of Triticum miguschovae and Its Parental Species
Magulaev A. Yu.
The Number of Middle Clover Chromosomes in Flora of the Crimea and Caucasus
Gasparyan G. G., Grigoryan R. M.
Peculiarities of Proliferation Stimulation of the Cultivated Chick Embryo Cells during Replanting
Ismoilov M. I., Dragavtsev V. A., Bobodzhanov V. A.
Combination of Ecological-Genetic Analysis of Triticale Productivity Traits with a Diallel Analysis
Mglinets V. A., Remizova E. Yu., Vikulova V. K.
Phenocopying Effect of Ether on Drosophila Embryos of mn d/SM5 Strain
Podstreshny A. P., Kovalenko V. P., Khorunzhy I. V.
Genetic Structure of Groups of Hens of Different Distribution Classes by Weight Characters
Sidorova K. K., Stolyarova S. N., Safonova V. T., Khristolyubova N. B.
Symbiotic Properties of Pea Mutants
Anoshenko B. Yu., Davydenko O. G.
Correlation Analysis of Productivity Elements and Ultrastructure of Cytoplasm Organelles in Alloplasmatic Wheat Lines
Shcherbakova L. B., Beletsky Yu. D., Fedorenko G. M.
Ultrastructure of Plastids of the Plastomic Sunflower Mutant Grown under Different Light Conditions
Sharipov I. K., Vishnevskaya S. S., Mergembaeva Kh. S.
Chromosome Aberrations in the Greenhouse Workers Contacting with Pesticides
Klisenko M. A., Pilinskaya M. A.
Mutagenic Activity and Structure of Pesticides