TSitologiya i Genetika, 1989, no. 2

Vishnyakova M. A., Zveinek S. N.
Interaction of Pollen and Pollen Tubes with a Pistil in Some Combinations of Barley Hybridization with Rye (Hordern vulgare L. × Secale cereale L.)
Shchegelskaya E. A., Klimenko V. V.
Phenotypic Sex Reversal in Germ Line Cells of Silkworm. Sex Reversal in Male Germ Line of Testes Implanted into Male Larvae
Lushnikova A. A.
Concerning Caryology of Hordeum murinum L.
Sedova K. S.
Estimation of the Total Mutagenic Activity of the Industrial Environment at Ferrous Metallurgy Enterprises
Steklenev E. P., Kozikova L. V.
Peculiarities of Hybridization of Domestic Hen and Guinea Fowl and Structural-Functional Organization of Hybrid Chromosomes as Against Initial Species
Bigaliev A. B., Erzhanov N. T.
Studies in Chromosomes of Two Species of Gerboas (fam. Dipodidae) from Central Kasakhstan. Description of Caryotypes, Species Peculiarities, Localization of Nucleolar-Organizing Regions
Voluevich E. A., Palilova A. N., Silkova T. A.
Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Effects of Alloplasmatic Wheat Line Resistance to Puccinia triticina Erikss. Effect of Cytoplasms of Wild Wheat Relatives on Development of Resistance to Puccinia triticina Erikss. at Early Ontogenetic Stages
Volodin V. G., Lisovskaya Z. I., Kolosentseva N. V.
Radiosensitivity and Induced Variability of Barley Mutants
Kondratenko N. V., Shevtsov I. A.
Inheritance of the Plant Height, Mass of 1000 Fruits in the Sugar Beet Testes
Tribrat T. P.
Estimation of Ecological Plasticity and Stability of Poultry Egg Crosses by Results of the European Tests
Sycheva L. P., Zhurkov V. S.
Quantitative Estimation of the Mutagen Effect Modification in Experiments on Mammals Using a Regression Modification Index
Shubin P. N., Efimtseva E. A.
A Codominant Nature of Alleles of Locus E2 Controlling Synthesis of the Human Blood Serum Cholinesterase
Shevchenko T. N., Timashova E. O., Fomin V. V., Telegeev G. D.
Integration and Amplification of Plasmid DNA in the Bacillus subtilis Chromosome
Vinnichuk D. T., Gavrilenko V. P.
A Selection Index in the Dairy Cattle Estimation
Kurilo L. F.
Possibilities of the Cytogenetic Studies in Meiosis During Male Sterility
Kurilo L. F., Mardanova G. V.
A Review of the Book «Cytology of a Trophoblast» by E. V. Zybina