Цитологія і генетика 2007, том 41, № 4, 36-40
Cytology and Genetics , том , № , , doi: https://www.doi.org/

Are Deschampsia anthartica Desv. and Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl. migratory relicts?

Parnikoza I.Yu., Maidanuk D.N., Kozeretska I.A.

  • Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University,
    Volodimirska Street, 64, 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
    Zabolotnogo Street, 150, 03143, Kyiv, Ukraine

It remains unclear why there are only two vascular plant species in Antarctica, Deschampsia antarctica Desv. (Poaceae) and Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl. (Caryophyllaceae). Despite progressing climate warming, there is also just one alien plant species found in the region, introduced by humans and spreading mainly in disturbed habitats. In the present article we try to interpret the data concerning the history of the biota and glaciations of the continent, proceeding from the assumption that both plants migrated to Antarctica during the Oligocene-Pliocene, when it was less isolated and the climate was more favorable for their naturalization. Genetic evidence was also taken into consideration. Our data allow suggesting secondary dispersal in the region, due to transfer by birds with regard of climate changes. With this in mind, we believe that D. antarctica and C. quitensis are migratory relicts.

Ключові слова: Антарктика, сосудистые растения, реликты, генетические аспекты

Цитологія і генетика
2007, том 41, № 4, 36-40

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Cytology and Genetics
, том , № , ,

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