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Некоторые аспекты генетики засухоустойчивости пшеницы

Крупнов В. А.


SUMMARY. Phenological, morphological and physiological drought-resistance characters are summarized to study them under conditions of different-type drought. It is shown that division of the drought-resistance process into more simple models by creation of a set of isogenic lines or populations on the basis of better varieties, thorough study of these lines and populations against a background of different-type drought and synthesis of new model varieties from better lines are one of indisputable but insufficiently developed trends in multi-computer operation of fundamental investigations and practical selection.

Цитологія і генетика 1987, том 21, № 5, C. 391-396

Крупнов В. А. Некоторые аспекты генетики засухоустойчивости пшеницы, Цитологія і генетика., 1987, том 21, № 5, C. 391-396.

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