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Genetic polymorphism of the BoLA-DRB3.2 locus of ukrainian cattle breeds

Suprovych ., Salyha Y., Suprovych ., Fedorovych Ye., Fedorovych V., Chornyj .


SUMMARY. The results of the study of exon 2 polymorphism of the BoLA-DRB3 gene in four domestic cattle breeds: Ukrainian black-and-white dairy (UBWM, n = 293), Ukrainian red-and-white dairy (URWM, n = 131), Gray Ukrainian (n = 93) and Ukrainian white-headed (UWH, n = 49) are presented. Allele typing was performed by the PLR-PDRF method. Genetic profiles of the breeds were formed according to the following indices: allele (Pa) and genotype (Ga) frequencies, observed (Ho) and expected (He) heterozygosity, Wright fixation index (FIS), total (Na) and effective number (Ae) of alleles, indices Shannon (I) and Pielu (J). The maximum number of alleles was in the UBWM breed (Na = 37). For the URWM, UWH, and Gray breeds, 31, 29, and 28 va-riants were identified, respectively. Two breeds were ty-ped with no established nomenclature alleles: Gray *jba, *jab, *jbb, *nad and *nda, UWH *nab, *mdb, *iab, *gbb, *fbd, *naa, whose proportion was 8.9 and 7.1 %, respectively. The number of informative alleles was: UBWM 55.8 % (7 alleles), URWM 60.4 % (6), Gray 69.9 % (4), and UWH 65.3 % (7). The expected heterozygosity and Wright index had the following values: UBWM He = 0.942; FIS = 0.022; URWM He = 0.93; FIS = 0.032; Gray He = 0.774; FIS = 0.041; WHU He = 0.927; FIS = 0.035. The following biodiversity indices were obtained for the studied rocks: UBWM Ae = 17.2; I = 3.13; J = 0.6; WHU Ae = 13.7; I = 2.93; J = 0.61 and URWM Ae = 11.5; I = 2.87; J = 0.558, and Gray Ae = 4.42; I = 2.21; J = 0.455. Analysis of dendrograms based on genetic distances showed that domestic breeds and Holstein are combined in the same cluster, indicating their genetic similarity behind the BoLA-DRB3 gene. Exon 2 polymorphism data of BoLA-DRB3 gene showed that the greatest genetic diversity among Ukrainian cattle is characteristic of UBWM breed. The results obtained contribute to better understanding of genetic diversity and distribution of BoLA-DRB3 gene alleles in cattle in Ukraine and increase our knowledge about global variability of BoLA-DRB3 gene, which forms immune response to protect against pathogens.

Key words: polymorphism, cattle, biodiversity, BoLA-DRB3 gene, alleles

Tsitologiya i Genetika 2022, vol. 56, no. 4, pp. 10-23

  1. Higher educational institution Podillia state university, 13, Shevchenko Str., Kamianets-Podilskyi, 32316, Ukraine
  2. Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, V.Stus Street 38,Lviv 79034,Ukraine

E-mail: yursalyha

Suprovych ., Salyha Y., Suprovych ., Fedorovych Ye., Fedorovych V., Chornyj . Genetic polymorphism of the BoLA-DRB3.2 locus of ukrainian cattle breeds, Tsitol Genet., 2022, vol. 56, no. 4, pp. 10-23.

In "Cytology and Genetics":
T. M. Suprovych, Yu. T. Salyha, M. P. Suprovych, E. I. Fedorovych, V. V. Fedorovych & I. O. Chornyj Genetic Polymorphism of BoLA-DRB3.2 Locus in Ukrainian Cattle Breeds, Cytol Genet., 2022, vol. 56, no. 4, pp. 319330
DOI: 10.3103/S0095452722040089


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