TSitologiya i Genetika, 2015, no. 2

Gholizadeh A.
The possible involvement of d-amino acids or their metabolites in Arabidopsis cysteine proteinase/cystatin-dependent proteolytic pathway
Stratula O.R., Kalendar R.N., Sivolap Yu.M.
Allelic variants of the gene bamy1 barley in eastern european and central asian areas
Rafiee A., Riazirad F., Alimohammadian M.H., T. Gazori, Fatemi S.M.R., Havaskary M.
Hydrogel nanoparticle encapsulated plasmid as a suitable gene delivery system
Vitushynska M.V., Matiytsiv N.P., Chernyk Y.I.
Influence of tissue-specific superoxid dismutase genes expression in brain cells on Drosophila melanogaster sensitivity to oxidative stress and viability
Korshikov I.I., Kalafat L.A., Milchevskaya Ya.G.
Genetic diversity and mating system Pinus brutia var. stankewiczii Sukacz. in small localities of Sudak (Crimea)
Kucherenko A., Pampukha V., Bobrova I., Moroz L., Livshits L.
ITPA gene variant may protect against anemia induced during pegylated interferon alfa and ribavirin combination treatment in Ukrainian patients with chronic hepatitis C
Lyusikov O.M., Gordei I.A.
Cytogenetic genome stabilization in secalotriticum (×Triticosecale derzhavinii secalotriticum Rozenst., et Mittelst., S/RRAABB, 2n = 42)
Vernygorodskyi S.V., Degtiariova L.V., O.I. Iatsyna, Ya.B. Blume, Yemets A.I.
Role of transcription factors in transdifferentiation of the gastric mucosa
A mutagenıcıty and cytotoxıcıty study on Lımonıum effusum aqueous extracts by Allıum, Ames and MTT tests
Mezhzherin S.V., Kokodiy S.V., Kulish A.V., Pukhtaevitch P.P.
The bipolarity of the genetic structure of communities of the crucian carp (Carassius Linnaeus, 1758) as a reflection of paradoxal reproductive relationships
Ozheredova I.P., Parnіkoza І.Yu., Poronnіk O.O., Kozeretska І.A., Demidov S.V., Kunakh V.A.
The mechanisms of antarctic vascular plants adaptation to abiotic environmental factors