TSitologiya i Genetika, 2013, no. 2

Shysha E.N., Korhovyu V.I., Bayer G.Ya., Guzenko E.V., Lemesh V.A., Kartel N.A., Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.
Genetic transformation of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) with chimeric GFP-TUA6 gene for visualisation microtubule
Chebotar G.A., Chebotar S.V., Motsnyy I.I., Sivolap Yu.M.
Clarification of Rht8 and Ppd-D1 gene linkage on the 2D chromosome of winter bread wheat
Kozeko L.Ye.
Phenotypic variability of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings as a result of inhibition of Hsp90 chaperones
Soroka A.I.
Differentiation of haploid and digaploid rape plants at the cytological and morphological levels
Kaur H., Kumari S., Gupta R.C.
Cytomorphological studies in some members of tribe Paniceae (Poaceae) from district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh (Western Himalayas)
Kumar P., Singhal V.K.
Chromosome Number and Secondary Chromosome Associations in Wild Populations of Geranium Pratense L. from the Cold Deserts of Lahaul-Spiti (India)
Feskov O.M., Zhylkova I.S., Bezpechna I.M., Somova O.V., Feskov V.O.
Correlation of the spermatozoa morphology with the presence of aneuploidies in its nuclei in the patients with astheno-, oligo- and teratozoospermia
Arencibia-Arrebola D.F, Rosario-Fernandez L.A., Suarez-Fernandez Y.E., Vidal-Novoa A.
Comparison of micronuclei frequency in bone marrow cells of three rat lines
Bilousov O.O., Katanaev V.L., Demidov S.V., Kozeretska I.A.
The downregulation of the miniature gene does not replicate miniature loss-of-function phenotypes in Drosophila melanogaster wing to the full extent