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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2007, v 41, Issue 3

Blume Ya.B.International symposium «Biosafety Issues in Implementation of Genetically Modified Organisms: New Research Approaches, Regulation and Public Perception» and its appeal for support of agricultural biology development 3-9
James Clive The global status of the commercialized biotechnological/genetically modified crops: 200610-12
Christov N.K., Yoneyama S., Shimamoto Y., Imai R.Differential expression of wheat genes during cold acclimation13-22
Brychkova G.G., Shishlova A.M., Maneshina T.V., Kartel N.A.The tolerance of tobacco genetically modified plants to aluminium23-28
Yemets A.I., Blume Ya.B.Plant mutant tubulin genes as marker selective genes for genetic engineering29-43
Goldenkova-Pavlova I.V., Mirahorli N., Maali A.R., Isaenko E., Kartel N.A., Yur`eva N.O., Abdeeva I.A.Experimantal models for creation of transgenic plants resistant to stress factors44-49
Kuchuk N.V.Transgenic, transplastomic and transient approaches for foreign gene expression in plants50-54
Abdeeva I.A., Goldenkova-Pavlova I.V., Mokryakova M.V., Volkova L.V., Bogush V.G., Sidoruk K.V., Yur`eva N.O., Debabov V.G., Pirusyan E.S.Experimantal models of transgenic plants promising for the modern technologies55-61
Mallabaeva D.Sh., Ignatov A.N., Sheiko I.A., Isikov V.P., Geluyta V.P., Boiko N.G., Seryapin A.A., Dorokhov D.B.The use of RAPD and ITE molecular markers to study genetical structure of the Crimean population of Triticum boeoticum Boiss62-71
Nedoluzhko A.V., Dorokhov D.B.investigation of genetically modified soybean biosafety in the Center of the Origin and Diversity of Russian Far East72-o3

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