TSitologiya i Genetika 2007, vol. 41, no. 1, 2
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Welcome to our renovated and improved journal!

Blume Ya. B.

Dear authors and readers!

2006, the 40th year of publication of our journal, became the year of considerable changes in its life. Our journal which was till recently republished in English by the Allerton Press company will be republished now by the "Pleiades Publishing" that should provide better access of our readers and subscribers to its original and translated versions. Above all, since the first six months of 2007 the synchronous publication of both versions of our journal is planned. The on-line version of "Cytology and Genetics" will be located in the database of Springer Publisher. The negotiations are in process about the distribution of the original version of the journal via the "Interperiodika" web-portal. Solution of these questions will undoubtedly cause alteration of the editorial policy of the journal as well as the changes in the procedure of reviewing, preparation and submission of the articles to be published. During the last years the significant contribution in the process of the jounal`s development was made by the previous editor-in-chief, Full Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Prof. Yuri Gleba who supported its regular and qualitive edition in the rugged times. We express our sincere gratitude and we do hope that he will continue his fruitful activity as a member of the renovated editorial board.

Dr. George Fedak (Canada), a well-known cytogeneticist and a specialist in the field of cereal genetics, the long-term editor of the Canadian journal "Genome", has entered the editorial board to expand the circle of authors and to ameliorate the level of the journal. We hope as well that involvement of a number of well-known Ukrainian geneticists and cell biologists into the editorial board will contribute the achievement of this goal. We consider as extremely important for us the expert role of the Prof. L.A. Livshits (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) known for her investigations in the field of human genetics and genomics and of her colleague, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Prof. S.S. Malyuta, a well-known expert in the field of general and molecular genetics. Plant genetics will be represented additionally in our journal by Prof. T.K. Ternovskaya, the Head of the Department of Biology of the National University "Kiev-Mogyla Academy".

The important event in our life became the agreement of two Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine from the Institute of Cell Biology (Lviv) A.A. Sibirny and R.S. Stojka to apply their energies for improvement the cell biology constituent of "Cytology and Genetics". A.A. Sibirny is known with his research in the field of genetics and cell biology of yeasts, and R.S. Stojka is a recognized specialist on apoptosis.

We hope that in the near future all the members of the editorial board will be able to examine the manuscripts according to their scientific directions and after reviewing to make decisions about the possibility of publication.

According to the scientific plans the journal "Cytology and Genetics" will retain an adherence to its earlier announced priorities, at the same time working for improvement of its attractiveness and expanding the space for publication of the articles on the advanced fields of genetics and cell biology. In the first place we attribute to such publications as investigations on molecular genetics and genomics (both structural and functional), experimentations in the field of cell biology carried out using up-to-date technical approaches, and, certainly, a results of interdisciplinary research. That is why the articles devoted to elaboration of new molecular biotechnological approaches and their applications to solve specific problems of genetics and cell biology; as well as investigations in the field of molecular and structural bioinformatics will be invariably appreciated.

We hope that with the continuous support of our editing team the journal will be in reliable hands, and with your assistance we shall ensure the constantly increasing level of the publications and the expanding interest to our edition.


Full Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Prof. Yaroslav B. Blume


TSitologiya i Genetika
2007, vol. 41, no. 1, 2

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