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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2006, v 40, Issue 5

Pustovoyt S.P.Analysis of morphological differencies of the homo- and heterozygous males and females of pink salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha (Walbaum) in the population of the river Ola (the northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk) 3-9
Morozov-leonov S.Yu., Zhalai E.I., Mezhzherin S.V.The genetic asymmetry of the hybrid green frogs Rana esculenta (Amphibia: Ranidae) complex of Ukraine10-15
Gusenko E.V., Lemesh V.A., Khotyleva L.V.The effect of DNA reamplification on RAPD-PCR results16-20
Kalinina Ya.M.Microtubules in epidermal and cortical root cells of Brassica rapa under clinorotation21-27
Vorsanova S.G., Iourov I.Y., Demidova I.A., Kirillova E.A., Soloviev I.V., Yurov Y.B.Chimerism and multiple numerical chromosome imbalances in a spontaneously aborted fetus28-30
Shkarupa V.M., Barylyak I.R.Mutagenesis induced with dioxidin in the Allium-test31-35
Kovalova O.A., Glazko T.T., Vagina I.N.Spontaneous mutagenesis in bone marrow cells in the mouse lines ัยภ and CBA/H-T636-39
Zaets V.N., Karpov P.A., Smertenko P.S., Blume Ya.B.Molecular mechanisms of the repair of UV-induced damages of plant DNA40-68
Kozhukhova N.E., Sivolap Yu.M.Molecular markers in genetics and breeding of maize69-80

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