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TSitologiia i genetika (Cytology and Genetics) 2004, v 38, Issue 4

Shcherbak N.L., Belokurova V.B., Komarnitski I.K., Kuchuk N.V.Genetic transformation of Nicotiana africana Merxm. with plasmids containing lox recombination sites 3-8
Dvornyk A.S., Pererva T.P., Mozhylevska L.P., Kunakh V.AStudy of plant extract activity in the system of Escherichia coli unstable mutants 9-13
MÓznyk N.└., Vinnikov V.└.Time-effect relationship for unstable chromosome exchange levels in chernobyl clean-up workers14-22
Nikolaevski V.V., Drobniewski F.A., Bazhora Yu.I.Molecular-genetic characteristics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated in southern region of Ukraine23-28
Tuganova Ď.N., Bolgova L.S., Tanasiychuk I.S.Nucleolar organizer region activity rating in lymphoid cells of human normal lymphatic nodes29-36
Afanasieva E.S., Bezrukov V. F., Shepeta Y.B., Moiseenko E.V.Variability and dynamics of micronuclei rate in participants of transatlantic march of the VIIth Ukrainian Antarctic expedition37-43
Nersesyan K., Melikyan G.S., Stopper H.Genotoxic activity of newly synthesized derivatives of cyano-pyridone in murine cells in vivo and in vitro44-48
Yurov I.Y., Villard L., Vorsanova S.G., Demidova I.A., Goyko E.A., Shalĺnova S.A., Shkolĺnikova M.A., Olferiev A.M., Yurov Y.B.X chromosome inactivation patterns in elderly women aged over 70 years49-54
Zerova-Ljubimova T.E., Rigel M., Smulskaja N.A., Evseenkova E.G., Gorovenko N.G., Shintzel A.Molecular-cytogenetic identification of partial duplication of short arm of chromosome 855-61
Pilinska M.A., Dybsky S.S.Fish-estimated Spontaneous level of chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes in persons of different ages62-66
Dmitriev A.P.Sygnal role of nitric oxide in plants67-75
Sergienko I.V., Gupal A.M.Statistical analysis of genome76

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