TSitologiya i Genetika, 2003, no. 4

Nesina І.P., Zavelevich M.P., Fil’chenkov A.A., Polishchuck L.Z., Smirnova І.А.
Chromosomal abnormalities in namalwa lymphoma cell line induced by inhibitors of DNA replication and synthesis
Voitovich A.M., Afonin V.Yu., Krupnova E.V., Rusova V.D., Dromashko E.S.
The level of aberrant cells in various tissues of bank vole depending on doses and radionuclide balance in organism
Vagyn Yu.V.
Vagyn Yu.V. The effect of Aleutian gene on mink (Mustela vison) growth
Kutsokon N.K., Bezrukov V.F., Lazarenko L.M., Rashidov N.M., Grodzinsky D.M.
The number of aberrations on aberrant cell as a parameter of chromosome instability
Miheev O.M., Gushcha M.I., Shilina Yu.V.
The radioadaptive action of cadmium ions on pea seedlings
Berezovska O.P., Podolich O.V., Sidorenko A.P.
Detection of intrapopulation genetic variation of leptinotarsa decemlineata (say) using issr-markers and phenoforms
Sobol M.A.
The impact of altered gravitation on the fibrillarin quantity and localization in nucleolus of cress root meristem
Koval S.F., Koval V.S., Tymchuk S.M., Boguslavski R.L.
Genetic collections: the problems of formation, conservation and use
Mukhin V.N., Khomyakov K.A.
Phenogenetics of the descendants and their ancestors
Dubrovnaja O.V., Ljal`ko I.I., Pariy F.N.
Genetic control of morphological characters in beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
Kuzemenski A.V.
The aspects of evolutional formation of cultivated tomato forms and the peculiarities of its taxonomic conceptions